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RE: Inclusion passed 4/3 2009/01/29 14:57:19 (permalink)
I personally do not carry my crossbow already drawn when I am walking to and getting into my stand.  Hard to explain unless you try it but I just do not like the feeling of carrying the thing over my shoulder locked back.
As to being able to draw it in a stand.  I use a rope cocker and it still requires considerable effort to draw mine back.  In most of my portable stands I would be somewhat leary of doing it but in some of our bigger permanent stands, no problem.  If one had a crank in the stock like some models do I would imagine one would be able to redraw without a problem.
And no, Pope and Young does not recognize crossbow kills in their record book.
As to the rest of your post, that is another discussion.

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RE: Inclusion passed 4/3 2009/01/29 15:47:44 (permalink)
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Since I don't have a X-bow and probably never will; I still have some questions that members of our hunting cabin are asking. They are older guys that may want to give it some consideration. Can you get a second shot from a tree stand if you miss the first? How do you **** it while in a climbing stand? Do you carry it to your stand in the cocked position?    My question is; does Pope and Young reconize deer taken with an X-bow as an archery killed deer? If not, then it's not archery hunting,is it? I've been around bow hunting for over 44 years; and the majority of people that had a desire to use one were just looking for the easy way to bow hunt without the need of practice. The PGC is in another desperation mode to try any gimic to bring in more dollars. Their minds were probably made up on the vote before the first person voiced their opinion.

Even the PGC recognized crossbow kills as rifle kills, up until yesterday -- 1/27/09.

My reports and advice are for everyone to enjoy, not just the paying customers.
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RE: Inclusion passed 4/3 2009/01/29 16:35:22 (permalink)
thats up to the hunter whether or not he wants to carry it cocked or not. It is legal to, although the crossbow manufactures say that you can have it cocked but recommend not placing bolt in it until you are stationary. You can****one in a treestand if you have enough room to sit the stirup on the base of the stand and enough room to bring your hands from your knees to your chest. If you have a crank it wouldnt be a problem to****it back in any stand you can fit the xbow and yourself in. As for getting a second shot, you have a better chance of reloading a compound to get a second shot. First off, the noise a xbow lets out when its shot will most likely send the deer high tailing it out of there, second the motion needed to set the xbow down, recock it, or crank it (i believe the average crank and xbow needs 40 cranks to fully****it), retrieve an arrow from the quiver, and reloading it, is a lot of motion and noise to go through unseen or unheard.
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RE: Inclusion passed 4/3 2009/01/30 00:06:21 (permalink)
But you dont have to****it in the presence of game. That is the primary difference between the xbow and the vertical bow.
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