Fly tying supply storage & portability

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2007/05/03 18:53:20 (permalink)

Fly tying supply storage & portability

I'm looking to purchase some sort of case/kit that will allow me to store most of my tying materials/tools & make them very portable.  I've been looking at 2 cases including:
1) Fishpond Coyote Fly Tying Kit Bag - 
2) William Joseph Fly Tying Kit -,72762_.html
I really like the Fishpond bag, but the $170 price tag seems very pricey.  I was just wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with either of the cases.  I'd also be interested to see/hear what ya'll use to store & transport your tying stuff if needed.  If anyone has any suggestions or ideas I'd love to hear them.  Thanks!

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    RE: Fly tying supply storage & portability 2007/05/03 19:19:37 (permalink)
    If I had the money, I'd get the Fishpond. 

    But, I just use the simple "clear" boxes(3 large to medium) you can buy at****s, and other small boxes in the shoulder bag that came with our luggage set last year.  Plenty of big and small pockets, and I am good to go.

    I do know now what is about 18th on my wish list.
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    RE: Fly tying supply storage & portability 2007/05/03 19:27:28 (permalink)
    Get a Fly Hive.  Its the real deal man.  They are like 100 dollars on closeout for 40 dollars.  Check this out.

    It's seriously something to think about.  It'll be the next in the mail for me for sure.  I know guys who have them and they are really impressed, and so am I.
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    RE: Fly tying supply storage & portability 2007/05/03 19:39:24 (permalink)
    You know those big bag tackleboxes for bass fishing, I bought one that has 8 of the largest plastic boxes you can buy for like $30 at walmart, I can put almost every piece of tying material I have in it including my vice and necks. Keep in mind, I prob have no joke $5000 in materials alone.
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    RE: Fly tying supply storage & portability 2007/05/11 20:53:41 (permalink)

    I have the right to remain silent.....I just don't have the ability
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    RE: Fly tying supply storage & portability 2007/05/13 12:32:35 (permalink)
         A friend of mine uses a machinists' tool box.  Sams' Club had one on sale for $49.00 These usually are made of wood (at least his is) have a removable front cover and compartmented drawers lined with felt.  They are originally used to hold fine tools like micrometers and calipers and steel rulers.  Numerous drawers, carrying handles.  My friend put hinges on his front cover and when folded down it makes a very handy desk.  He also carries his vise and a snake light of some sort and clamps them to the box and the cover when he ties.  He can carry enough stuff to actually tie along the creeks.  That's too intense for me.  To me that would be like me taking bamboo blanks along with me when I fish so I can custom tune a rod for a specific stream.  Plus, I just can't tie flies.
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    RE: Fly tying supply storage & portability 2007/05/18 13:02:59 (permalink)
    I use a soft case brief case that has multiple compartments.  I bought a small tool kit bag from Cabela's that holds my renzetti vise and tools.  The other thing that has helped to organize my materials is that I made separate zip-loc bags with all the materials needed to tie a particular pattern of fly.  For example, parachute dry fly bag contains different colors of dubbing to match, antron for the post, z-lon for chuck and moose mane for tail.  When I take my travel kit, it is organized and I am ready to tie different patterns without having to take a whole lot of materials.  If I am going to NY for salmon/steelies/browns, then I take the materials for that trip.  I have been on weekend trips where I am glad I made my tying stuff portable.
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