Steelhead 2022 The End

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2022/01/27 21:42:40 (permalink)

Steelhead 2022 The End

I’ve been obsessed with trying to catch my first steelhead. This year we caught the right hole and I caught 4 in one day and was thrilled. I want to go back up with my dad who is 68 but heard it’s froze over. Want it to be safe. But we also want to go before the end of the runs. How late in the year or what month are the salmon runs good until. What months do the salmon runs stop. Just trying to get up to Erie and plan out on the calendar. Thanks for any insight

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    Re: Steelhead 2022 The End 2022/01/29 09:38:13 (permalink)

    You should have been here yesterday.............. Streams are made for the wise man to contemplate and fools to pass by [Sir Izaak Walton]
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    Re: Steelhead 2022 The End 2022/01/29 11:35:22 (permalink)
    There are no salmon in Erie. Most salmon die in the creeks. Trout stay there till the waters warm up.
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    Re: Steelhead 2022 The End 2022/01/29 11:50:09 (permalink)
    I’m guessing you mean steelhead runs and not salmon runs. Salmon are pretty rare in Erie tribs though a handful of kings and cohos get caught here and there, and some pink salmon every other year.

    In my experience steelhead are still around in pretty good numbers through the end of March. There will be some fresh fish that come in after the thaw, but not nearly the numbers that come in fall and early winter. With this much ice as there is right now many fish in the streams rwill get ground into fish patties when things bust loose though plenty will survive.

    March can be a fun time to fish as many steelhead will be dropping back to the lake after they spawn and they will regain their bright chrome colors and some of their fight. And they eat voraciously if you find a pod of them holding over in a hole. And there will be some fresh fish that trickle in from the lake here and there.

    By mid April numbers usually diminish significantly though there are still some to be found. And you will find a few here and there in May as well.
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