Long Drive up - longer drive home

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2021/05/07 11:48:09 (permalink)

Long Drive up - longer drive home

After hearing some stories about recent great bass catches from Presque Isle I packed the rods in the truck and headed up to try my luck. Beautiful day and great having the whole day to fish, but my only catch was a Sheepshead. Some people said it was the weather, some said the water was still to cold; but no matter, it smelled like skunk all the way home. Tried a vaiety of baits: spinners, various types of plastic worms, different retrieves, a  lot of different locations, but no luck. 
I fished many of the places that were great when the lake level was a lot higher than normal, now that it has lowered significantly I might have adapt again.
Not sure if a negative report is helpful to anyone but better luck to all. I'll be heading up in another week or two with rods in the truck and my trusty bike on the back, Even after the skunk, it is one of my favorite places to spend the day.

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    Re: Long Drive up - longer drive home 2021/05/07 12:02:27 (permalink)
    Went for a trip myself not to PIB. Between 2 of us caught 3 and lost 5 musky in the crappy weather. Water was high and slightly colored. Guess to the point I usually get some bass in the mix and didn’t even get a small one. Give in another week or two I think they’ll be out in numbers ready to spawn.
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    Re: Long Drive up - longer drive home 2021/05/07 18:44:02 (permalink)
    Tried for smallmouth in the creeks last weekend. Only caught 5. Didn’t see many and even some were on nests which seemed real early based on the weather.
    Sure the hot then cold weather has messed everything.
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    Re: Long Drive up - longer drive home 2021/05/09 11:43:10 (permalink)
    Have you tried fishing more of a prespawn pattern? I've noticed that on a few of the lakes I fish, the bass were moving up to spawn, and I was catching them in the locations I usually do at that time of year, and I even got a few off beds a couple weeks ago, but then the cold fronts came through, and the water temps dropped a few degrees, and they seemed to be nowhere to be found. I started fishing near these same locations, but a bit further out and deeper, with similar techniques, and it's been lights out the past two weekends. Not sure if this is the case on Erie or not though, were going next weekend, I'll give it a try and report back. Good luck! 

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