So I did a thing...

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2020/05/15 08:33:09 (permalink)

So I did a thing...

I went and started a journey into the world of fly fishing. Its like taking regular fishing and making it the hardest thing I have done.I have already had a lot of fun and hit myself in the head multiple times with fly's. I am going to keep at it! I am excited to learn, but I have a question. My house backs up to a small lake with Bass, Perch, and Crappie. What are some good beginner flies. I bought some wooly buggers but I think they are too big, and definitely more advanced than where I am. Also, should I have a leader of 7 - 9 ft? Or should it be smaller for a small lake/pond?Any suggestions on where to get started, things to avoid, would be greatly appreciated!Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: So I did a thing... 2020/05/16 12:05:55 (permalink)
    Doesn’t hurt having a little longer of a leader it so the fish doesn’t see the main line. The wooly buggers should be good. Some small clouser or maggot like patterns or small nymphs.
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    Re: So I did a thing... 2020/05/16 13:21:44 (permalink)
    Longer leader probably better. Depending on what you are trying to catch, the patterns listed in previous post, plus I would go with some foam or balsa poppers, some green foam rubber legged spiders and some woolly worms, and some clouser minnows. Good luck.

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    Re: So I did a thing... 2020/05/18 07:48:20 (permalink)
    Maybe the first place you should start is to get your casting up to par.
    only if you can straighten a 7ft. leader consistently, move on to 9ft.
    google up some Mel Krieger(R.I.P.) casting videos.  
    Once you understand the cast, you'll be able to diagnose any flaws in your cast and the rest of fly fishing will come much easier.
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