Beginner Crappie Fishing Tips & Techniques

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2020/04/22 21:05:36 (permalink)

Beginner Crappie Fishing Tips & Techniques

Hey Yall,
We hit the lake recently and wanted to share a video that goes over some beginner crappie fishing tips & techniques. 
Crappie are schooling fish that are very depth oriented. This means that once you catch one crappie you are very likely to catch a whole lot more! 
With them being so depth oriented you need to make sure you have the correct depth locked in. If you are fishing just 6 inches above or below crappie you may not get a single bite. That's why it's important to prospect not just new places but different depths. Once you get a bite at a certain depth lock that in and fish that water column. Generally, when it's colder the crappie will be further down in the water (to keep a bit warmer) and on warmer days they may be shallower. Of course if it's too hot they again retreat down to the cooler depths. 
Hopefully this video will help those thinking about trying their hand at crappie fishing to give it a try. It's super fun fishing! [tube][/tube][tube][/tube]
***I have no idea why the video isn't embedding 

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    Re: Beginner Crappie Fishing Tips & Techniques 2020/04/23 00:07:06 (permalink)
    You're off to good start.

    The bait(s) & tackle you list following your vids. I missed where you linked to FishUSA???

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