Doe Season

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Re: Doe Season 2019/12/09 09:31:18 (permalink)
What Sunday you think they will add on next year for rifle ?....I'm betting the middle of the season after the first Sat. ....just my guess.

I bet sometime this spring, they'll announce that gun season will start on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and will add the Sunday then, so that the season will start with a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  
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Re: Doe Season 2019/12/09 12:38:53 (permalink)
Saturday first day, like this year, then Sunday and lots of people/schools still off on Monday.  3 straight days of rifle hunting for those that want it....that would be my 
For me, neutral on it (except Sunday hunting, I want that opened up for every Sunday) but if it is open, my kids and I will be out there to take advantage of it to the best of our abilities.  
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