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2019/03/14 08:17:41 (permalink)

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    Re: FROM THE OUTDOOR NEWS 2019/03/14 14:43:38 (permalink)
    With hunting harvest estimates and car accidents (understanding not every claim is a dead deer, but also not every accident was reported) that put about half of a million deer on the ground in PA for 20017-18. 
    That is a lot of deer
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    Re: FROM THE OUTDOOR NEWS 2019/03/15 12:45:55 (permalink)
    This one made my lunch today ...deer steak with onions & peppers !

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    Re: FROM THE OUTDOOR NEWS 2019/03/15 18:36:54 (permalink)
    I had oven fried crappie,tater tots,and Cole slaw.... for dinner....get low on perch... heading to the bay next week.
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    Re: FROM THE OUTDOOR NEWS 2019/03/16 08:42:30 (permalink)
    Harvest numbers should be out next week. 

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    Re: FROM THE OUTDOOR NEWS 2019/03/16 11:03:25 (permalink)
    Yeah, because it takes that long in the computer age to count.

    What would be cool to see is the DMAP, including both traditional and CWD areas, because 1) they were required to reported positive and negative harvest under penalty of not getting another permit, thereby insuring an extremely high rate of response that may actually be statistically relevant and 2) with an extremely high number of those required responses being online, what percentage that is in order to perhaps move to doing away with paper report cards and going to online or automated phone only.

    These numbers, due to the high reporting rate and method of collection, will be far more useful than the traditional report cards. In addition, they are less likely to have “massaged” numbers. The logical next step would be to have a third party, oh, I don’t know, maybe their license vendor that collects the online reports, present the data publicly to ensure complete transparency. This could be done 11 days after the end of archery season; 11 days after the end of the general (firearms) season; and 11 days after the late seasons, with a full report.

    But that won’t happen.

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    Re: FROM THE OUTDOOR NEWS 2019/03/22 12:31:34 (permalink)
    Most of the road killed deer I see is where land is posted.  Nothing the game commission can do about that.

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