C. Lake map

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2018/06/19 19:31:05 (permalink)

C. Lake map

I don't quite understand what you guys are looking for in the other forum. There was lots of good links posted with depth charts for this lake, but that doesn't seem to be what you want. Only one I have actually printed out is this one. Copied and pasted directly from a fish usa search that took about 5 seconds. Sorry to sound like a Richard, but there is no hotspots map of this lake spelling out exactly when and where the fish are biting. Get out there with this info and the other info provided, learn where there are no fish, then adjust and eventually find 'em. Its definitly not an easy one to fish with the boat traffic during the day.

Good luck out there!


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    Re: C. Lake map 2018/06/19 22:29:31 (permalink)
    Crappie_Slayer thanks for the map it is appreciated. We are not looking for a map showing fishing hot spots, just a printed paper map showing contours.

    I have the Navionics on my phone/'puter for fishing. I'm just interested in finding a 22" x 30" +/- paper map of Conneaut to add to my collection of other local lakes.

    Emitch on the other hand prefers a paper map to carry for fishing Conneaut Lake.

    My fascination with Conneaut centers around the lake being a natural glacial lake plus the home of the state record Musky. Not to forget great memories of Pike fishing.

    As for fishing Conneaut this time of year, no thanks, I BeenThereDoneThat. lol

    Thanks again for the info.

    Good times and tight lines.

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    Re: C. Lake map 2018/06/20 21:37:42 (permalink)
    Years back a company called Allegheny Map & Design produced contour maps of many lakes in Western, PA. I believe they are now out of business. I do not know if they produced a Connie Map, buts perhaps its worth a little research? Has anyone contacted the PFBC, Northwest Regional Office?
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    Re: C. Lake map 2018/07/09 15:18:09 (permalink)
    Doesn't walmart sell one for like $3? 
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