Question to braided fishing line users??

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2017/12/07 15:52:29 (permalink)

Question to braided fishing line users??

I'm about to attempt braided line this year for crappie, main for dipping around thick laydowns. The road is PowerPro 10lb/2lb His-Vis Yellow, reel Shimano Shara 2000 on a 10ft rod. I even have used braided line for bass fishing on bait casters however never on spinning reels. I'll initial spool the spinning reel with four or 6lb backing line initial before adding the braid.

Question; Do I want to calm down the drag for hook sets with braid line? don't desire to break the rod!!
Is braided fishing line liable to coil on the spool on spinning reels?
How is casting with braided line? Do I want to use heavier jigs?
I like to use 1/32-1/16oz.
What regarding cork stops, do they keep wherever put? can slip floats slide up and down the line okay?

Any other stips on this line? Thanks"

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    Re: Question to braided fishing line users?? 2017/12/08 09:49:21 (permalink)
    In my opinion braid behaves better on spinning gear than on bait casters. Line twist is not much of an issue. Just be wary of reeling up slack line or you'll end up casting out a nasty birds nest. It works good with slip floats too. Just make sure your stopper knot is good and tight. I don't normally fish with a super tight drag, so I don't make any different adjustments in that regard. Just watch for fraying near the terminal tackle(tie on a mono or flouro leader with a uni splice or improved Albright to help with abrasion resistance), use good knots (palomar) and watch for loose loops on the spool.
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    Re: Question to braided fishing line users?? 2017/12/08 12:15:49 (permalink)
    ^^^  this x2...
    I have a 10ft crappie set up with a small spinner and 6lb high vis yellow braid, works great and the braid is sensitive to even the lightest taps, drag set will give you the cushion you are concerned about for hook sets...and a bit of practice will give you a feel for how much 'set' you need, which with braid and sharp hooks really isn't very much anyway. 
    Our set ups have landed a ton of panfish and quite a few accidental bass, catfish and even a pike or two. Casting hasn't been a problem at all but you still have to watch for loops or loose line when winding, but I found that with light floro or mono also....
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    Re: Question to braided fishing line users?? 2017/12/10 09:04:58 (permalink)
      I have been using braided line for ice fishing for years now. I like the instant and solid hook sets. Then I used it on other fishing Pike and Smallmouth with like success. Retie your knots every so often as they seem to fray over use and ping terminal tackle is history. I guess that can be the case with any line.
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    Re: Question to braided fishing line users?? 2017/12/11 12:20:01 (permalink)
    yep, what they all said.  Similar experience here.  When casting into the wind, watch out for wind knots/loops on the end of the rod tip.  Have watched my set-up sail off into the sunset more times than I care to remember due to a wind knot....
    Hook sets should just be a slight flick of the wrist, esp. for the papermouths.  
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