beach fish

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2008/02/04 15:25:27 (permalink)

beach fish

it seems like every time i walk the shore line at north east or walnut i always seem to see more dead sheapheads then any thing else!  does any one else notice this?  right now im sure you can find lots of dead steel heads but i never saw a eye, perch, catfish, or even muskie on the shore. thanks for info

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    RE: beach fish 2008/02/04 17:30:49 (permalink)
    Folks thump Eyes & Perch, and toss them in the cooler. They thump goats, and toss them overboard.
    Actually goats seemed to be the species most effected by VHS in our waters, it was Musky in other waters, and salmonids in others. They may also be less tolerant of rapid temp. changes. Lots of other possibilities. Just plain more of them. Dead Perch are more easily picked up by Gulls.
    I can't recall ever seeing Perch, but have seen at least SOME numbers of Eyes & Catfish, and many dead Steelhead.

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    RE: beach fish 2008/02/04 18:47:02 (permalink)
    Because the edmund hates sheephead.
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