Lower Niagara - Centerpin Question

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2016/10/26 11:46:38 (permalink)

Lower Niagara - Centerpin Question

I've been pinning for a few years mainly in the Erie tribs and the Oak Orchard/Oswego River.  I've had a few trips to the lower Niagara and have had success bottom bouncing a 3 way rig in Devils Hole as well as Artpark.  I know the river varies in depths and location is key, however, does anyone have a general rough starting point on how deep I should be running on the pin in Devils Hole and Artpark?  I've made a few trips but am never confident on the depth.  The river is very intriguing to me and I think thats why I keep making the trip back, I would love to effectively fish the pin on that river.

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    Re: Lower Niagara - Centerpin Question 2016/11/02 20:32:44 (permalink)
    If you had success bouncing three ways in devils hole then you already know the river why ask?? Take the good with the bad that's fishin...experiment..you sound like someone who knows how to fish wanting someone else who knows how to fish tell you how to fish..kinda odd

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    Re: Lower Niagara - Centerpin Question 2016/11/05 19:49:42 (permalink)
    They (pinners ) do fish the Niagara. Most ones I've seen on shore are at Art Park only. As you know if your not deep enough you will have a tough time catching fish. Problem is the current flow changes on and off. I bounced bottom (spinning ) from shore when the current slows and kind of wait when it's stronger. The reason being my sinkers are set to bounce bottom with the slower current and would not be as effective with the faster current or basically wasting that cast. Pinning would be tough because the depths change all along shore due to all the boulders and rocks formations. There is no set depth.
    I learned to tap bottom effectively by watching the river current speed and lifting the rod as needed to try and not snag up. When your tapping those rocks your in the strike zone but it's also the snag zone ! I never used 3 ways from shore only boats.Took years of self experience and practice to master the shore drift fishing but I rarely got skunked.
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