Straigtht or down eye?

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2014/08/26 12:10:36 (permalink)

Straigtht or down eye?

Hello All
I tied some egg patterns for the up coming steelhead season on a straight eye hook. Got to wondering. Is there any advantage/disadvantage to using a straight eye hook versus a down eye hook? Seems to me that straight eye hooks are becoming more relevant in the market. Opinions?
Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Straigtht or down eye? 2014/08/26 18:47:08 (permalink)
    i like to use straight eye hooks on small patterns like #16, #18 and smaller. these don't narrow the gap between the eye and the hook point. On small dries i'll use a up eye hook sometimes for the same reason. on parachute dries i use a down eye most of the time, it doesn't interfere when finishing the head under the hackle and easier to see when tying to the tippet.
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    Re: Straigtht or down eye? 2014/08/26 20:41:57 (permalink)
    Really doesn't matter much. Daiichi 1650 size 10, a straight eye, my favorite egg hook & the hook I use for most water conditions. Size 10 is very close to a Tiemco size 12. For smaller egg patterns Mustad C67 or Daiichi 1640, also straight eyed hooks. Smallest I fish is a 12.
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    Re: Straigtht or down eye? 2014/08/27 11:37:52 (permalink)
    Straight eye seems to leave me with a clearer eye/head, and also results in better hookups, or at least seems to.

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    Re: Straigtht or down eye? 2014/08/27 22:18:11 (permalink)
    I prefer straight eyes for candy patterns
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