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2014/08/22 03:47:20 (permalink)

Walleye top baits

Hi everybody!
My name is Bulat and I am from Russia, first of all excuse my poor english :)
For last few years I am trying to go to ice fishing each weekend, and the main fish in my region is Walleye.
of course we have a bunch of other fish species, but walleye is a main target.
what I have noticed from my small experience is that new baits are usually bring better results, not all of them
but the good ones. Looks like fish likes something new and interesting.
I remeber that it was very popular to use Acme Little Cleo for some time, now not so good.
then it was popular to use Swedish pimple, not very good now.
then some other baits...
so looks like fish get use to this baits... and need some "fresh blood".
As I can see from various online stores the baits types are different from our stores. So I want to try some of them in my region.
Could somebody share the experience and suggest me some true walleye baits wich are working well?
I catch fish at the river and usually use baits about 1/4 - 1/2 Oz., so I cant use really light weights.
Thank you in advanced!
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Re: Walleye top baits 2014/08/22 07:40:09 (permalink)
Hi Jimmy...
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Re: Walleye top baits 2014/08/22 14:05:47 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby graveydavey 2014/08/24 10:54:08
5" saltwater Bass Assassin swimbait.
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Re: Walleye top baits 2014/09/06 10:05:18 (permalink)
Have you tried the dreamweaver spoonharness? I call them the best of both worlds. They catch lots of fish for me.
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Re: Walleye top baits 2015/02/18 18:59:10 (permalink)
Are you trying to focus on fishing the ice or in the river?? The baits that you use will be drastically different.  Through the ice its hard to beat the rapala jigging rap or even a heddon sonar blade bait.  In rivers I usually use floating minnow baits like the original floater from rapala in the F13 size.  Throwing larger "bass" style swimbaits are also effective.  Shad style crankbaits are also good, I prefer the rapala shad raps.  
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