What Battery?

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2014/02/25 11:11:34 (permalink)

What Battery?

Posted this in the for sale forum by mistake.  Looking for some info...
Throwing this out to all the experts out there.  Just bought a Minn Kota 55 and I would like to know what is the best battery to buy.  I know there will be several opinions as to brands, but what I'm looking for are specifics?  Do I need to go with  the highest reserve capacity?  What matters most when purchasing a battery?

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    Re: What Battery? 2014/02/25 20:10:23 (permalink)
    If price is not an option I'd go with an Odyssey 31M-PC2150. It has a very high rating for life of battery and amp hours of 205. Since you have a 55 lb thrust motor, you will need the higher amp hour if you have a 12 volt system. Since I can't afford that much, I use Interstate 27M battery. I only have a 40 lb thrust motor and it lasts all day with some power left. To me amp hour rating is what I look for...decide how much you are able to spend and get the highest amp hour at that price. 
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    Re: What Battery? 2014/02/28 12:00:07 (permalink)
    I think the 205 is the reserve capacity min. on the Odyssey.  
    It has a 100 (20hr rate-AH) nominal capacity.
    I am sure it is a great battery but for the cost, I think the Walmart Everstart MAXX 29DC Marine battery will give comparable performance at less than 1/3rd the cost and less weight.
    It is $100 at Wally world.
    The warranty is better on the Odyssey but it isn't shabby on Everstart.  
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    Re: What Battery? 2014/05/16 16:43:46 (permalink)
    Cant go wrong with a Braille Battery
    Their really light weight and small.

    Odyssey's are awesome too
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