I hate my new motor!!!!!!!!

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2013/10/07 07:26:01 (permalink)

I hate my new motor!!!!!!!!

The old Johnsonn died so I bought the Tohatsu 9.8.  The old Johnson had a familiar drone to it that I could hear the motor and get it just right the speed for trolling by listening to the sound of the motor.  The new motor is so quite that I had to use a gps to get the right speed. 
Never did much thinking while fishing when using the Johnson, the noise droaned out my thoughts, now I'm left with a quite motor and all things I never thought about are running through my head.  It's driving my crazy.  Who knew that I had so many weird thoughts!
Put 5 hours on it Saturday and nice little motor.  Still have to do some tweeking in the setting the tilt adjustment but it has much more power than the  old Johnson.  At 1/3 the throttle it was pushing the 14 foot boat at a nice 6.3 mph.  One more trip and I should be able to open it up and see what type of speed I can get.  Best I could get with the Johnson was a speedy 11 mph if I sat it one spot and leaned this way and held my tongue just right and the lake was like glass.

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    Re: I hate my new motor!!!!!!!! 2013/10/07 12:48:42 (permalink)
    Sorry to hear that, I have a crisp $100 bill I will give you to rid yourself of this piece of crap.
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    Re: I hate my new motor!!!!!!!! 2013/10/07 14:32:14 (permalink)
    I'll do ya one better, how about a 2001 Yamaha loud as hell, but runs like a champ, starts first or second pull. You'll never have to think again while fishing!
    In all seriousness, sounds like a great motor. Congrats on the purchase and enjoy it!

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    Re: I hate my new motor!!!!!!!! 2013/10/08 08:35:47 (permalink)
    Try rowing, you'll learn to appreciate it! I'll give you $150.00!

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