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FishUSA Acceptable Use Policy

It is the policy of FishUSA that the forums and fishing reports should be enjoyable and appropriate for all. We use the "young viewer" standard - if a post is not appropriately viewed by a younger user, then it is not appropriate here and is subject to being edited or deleted. On the fishing reports page, only actual, recent fishing reports for the region are permitted. Posts that are comments, or that pose questions, should be posted to the forums and will be removed from the reports page. On all forums and the fishing reports, the following is prohibited:
    Name-calling of any sort and personal attacks on other users.Threats made to users or non-users.Use of profanity.Posts containing lewd or vulgar content, whether written or visual.Posts which are disparaging of others based on their race, gender, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or physical handicap or disability.Posts which serve no other purpose than to antagonize other users (a/k/a "trolling"), or creating an account for the purpose of making these posts (a/k/a "troll" account).Advertising or promoting the commercial sale of goods or services.Advocating or encouraging illegal or unethical fishing practices.Mentioning specific fishing locations on private property which may cause increases in angler traffic (a/k/a "spot burning").Promoting commercial web sites or tackle shops, or web sites or tackle shops which compete with the FishUSA, FishErie.com or FishSalmonRiver.com web sites.
If, in our sole judgment, a post or report violates our policies, we or one of our moderators may edit it or delete it. If a user violates our policies, we may send an email warning the user that future violations will result in the user being banned from our sites, including the discussion boards.  Users who are found to be in violation of our policies will receive three warnings via email before being permanently banned from our sites. If we ban a user from our sites, the user will no longer be permitted to access or attempt to access any of our sites and any attempt to do so will be considered a trespass to our property. If you believe a post is offensive or inappropriate according to the standards listed above, please submit a ticket. Please recognize that we may not be aware of an offending post if it is not brought to our attention. All tickets will be handled appropriately in a timely manner, but not all tickets will receive a direct response from the Admin or Moderators.
Use of all forums and reports pages is also subject to the FishUSA Terms of Service.
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