Double bearded fall gobbler

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2012/11/11 10:59:41 (permalink)

Double bearded fall gobbler

It has been a great week for me. I always take this week off to archery hunt, then turkey hunt if I am lucky enough to seal the deal on a buck.
Shot a good Pa. 8 point on Tuesday so I pulled some stands and put some afternoons in looking for some turkeys. I got very lucky Friday when I spotted a group of ten longbeards feeding my way while I was sitting in the same stand from which I shot my buck. I had the 17HMR in hand and waited till the gobblers closed the distance to about 80 yards.
When one stepped into the clear and let one fly and it became apparent that I missed. I thought it was all over but the birds settled back down after a few minutes and keep feeding but it began to look like they were changing course.
When another bird stepped from behind a screen of brush I held on the wing butt and sent the polymer tipped bullet on its way. This time, the gobbler ran a short distance and began the flop that turkey hunters love to see. It didn't take long for the other birds to excert their dominance over the now deceased monarch. They began pecking and scrathing at him until my movement sent them on their way.
I knew he was a big bird but only when I walked up on him did I realize how big. He had two beards at 10.5 and 9 inches, 1 3/8 hooks and weighed in at 24 lbs. A great fall gobbler for sure and a sweet cap to this special November week for me.
When I breasted him out, it was apparent that he survived a run in with another hunter as their were about a dozen pieces of lead shot in his breast.
Enjoy the pictures. I enjoyed being able to bring them to you.
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    Re:Double bearded fall gobbler 2012/11/11 11:27:10 (permalink)
    That is sweet! Thanks for sharing your hunt.

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    Re:Double bearded fall gobbler 2012/11/11 19:12:32 (permalink)
    Very Nice trophy dpms......Congrats

    Look to the heavens and thank God everyday that hunting is such a grand part of our lives.
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    Re:Double bearded fall gobbler 2012/11/13 09:53:44 (permalink)
    Awesome bird.

    The only thing better than 1 day of fishing is 2 days of fishing.
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    Re:Double bearded fall gobbler 2012/11/13 14:39:05 (permalink)
    Very nice!!
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