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2012/09/20 22:15:45 (permalink)

Hook size question

If I am tying estaz flies using a Tiemco 2457 scud style hook, what is the best size hook to use for fishing the Salmon River in Pulaski?   
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Re:Hook size question 2012/09/25 08:46:25 (permalink)
Salmon- #6 with beadhead and 4 turns of estaz.
Steelhead #14 to #10
Dolores Malone
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Re:Hook size question 2018/01/19 06:23:43 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby W.William 2018/02/09 23:02:31
I think hook size is few important than leader length and the size of your weight. Modifying the length of your leader and the amount of weight until you start catching fish is the key to catching reds. You want just sufficient weight to tick the tops of the rocks. Of course, using a size 16 hook is not what you want to do but I've caught reds with size 6 and 8 octopus hooks with a tiny yarn on them by adjusting my leader length to get into the fish. I regularly go with at least a 30" leader and the deeper I fish the longer, my leader. In Soldotna, I'm handling at least a 36" leader or longer. Handling gargantuan hooks will only make you snag more fish. Adjust your leader length and put less emphasis on hook size and you'll build your catch. There is also a definite method of catching reds. It's more than just chunking your weight/fly out there and letting it drift downstream.
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Re:Hook size question 2018/02/09 23:12:56 (permalink)
I want the largest I can get away with while not killing the action. That's cuzz my intention is to get the hook point under some bone, rather than just grabbing flesh. For black tray and purple tray, herring fished whole or cut plug I use 7/0 Owner on my 2- hook setups. For bleu tray, I use the same on whole herring, but I fell to 5/0 for plug cut. I use 5/0 with Brads, 8/0 with large J's and 5/0 with the smaller ones. Coyotes get 5/0 or sometimes 3/0 if I want more movement.
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