Hand Auger

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2007/12/10 01:04:44 (permalink)

Hand Auger

What is your favorite hand auger? I am buying a new one this year.. I had a blue on i bought a few years ago for around 40 bucks... but want somehting a little better.

2005 Triton TR21X
225 Mercury Optimax

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    RE: Hand Auger 2007/12/10 09:15:38 (permalink)
    Get a lazer. Any size is good. I have a 7" and love it.
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    RE: Hand Auger 2007/12/14 17:52:27 (permalink)
    the mora hand augers from fish usa are awesome, i got one last year...
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    RE: Hand Auger 2007/12/14 18:31:38 (permalink)
    If you plan on cutting a lot of holes buy the Lazer like Chauncy says--if you will only fish occasionaly the Mora is good enough. Remember the smaller diameter the auger, the easier it is to cut.
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    RE: Hand Auger 2008/01/12 22:32:09 (permalink)
    Lazer for sure. Great augar. If you do get one read the booklet that comes with. They have a blade exchange program. Send in your used, dull blades and receive a good discount on new set of blades. Nice little money saver.
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    RE: Hand Auger 2008/01/13 11:14:02 (permalink)
    Lazer, if your fishen mostly smaller fish like perch, gills, crappie, trout, get a 6 inch.  If you fishing more steelhead, bass, pike, eyes, get a 7.  The difference in drilling hole with a 6 inch compared to a 7 or 8 inch is unbelievable.  Also, once your blades ware out, you can still drill holes fairly easy with a 6 compared to the bigger size.

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    RE: Hand Auger 2008/01/13 12:08:34 (permalink)
    I have a Lazer 8" and when everything is perfect they work great. Last winter my son and I went up to Barrie Ont. for a weding.Simco two blocks away from my friends house wasn't that great. I had painted the body of the auger to keep the rust off it. First day with blades I touched up,it was terrible cutting holes. I put new blades on and it still cut terrible. When we got home I took the blades off and realized that the paint was thicker under the blades in areas making then not ride exactly the way they are suposed to. Lesson treat the end of that auger like its a carton of eggs, a slight bend would render it useless. Those lazer augers are nice though.
      I also have a ? 6" non lazer that is easer cutting than the 8" Lazer, and I haven't a 6' lazer to compare it to. Then we have an 8" Jiffy gas that I take out when the ice gets thicker than~ 10 inch.
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