Moraine State park goose

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2011/11/12 22:46:40 (permalink)

Moraine State park goose

Has anyone hunted goose around moraine state park and what areas are open to hunt around the park? Never hunted around there and was wondering what spots are open to hunt with a chance to maybe take a few.

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    RE: Moraine State park goose 2011/11/12 23:16:14 (permalink)
    Go to the DCNR website, and follow the links for Moraine. Good maps are available there that show no hunting areas. There is a propagation area there too, so make sure you know the boundaries.

    I've never hunted there, but have thought about it. Have looked these maps over and they are helpful as a starting place. Might try to PM crappiefisher on here. He's the resident guru on Moraine and is a very helpful guy and a waterfowl hunter.
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    RE: Moraine State park goose 2011/11/14 21:31:41 (permalink)
      Was down last Fri. before sunup with a friend for the start ov the new season. Lots ov birds with no other hunters seen. Nice snow squalls made visibility impossible at times but that was ok. Hittin' her at dawn tomorrow for the beginning  ov the new duck season alone  again naturally.  Should have a BLAST

     Crappiefished  it 'till 8 this eve & man was it windy with a storm approchin'
     A couple huge flocks (300est.)flew out ov the field/pond out back at 5 this evening & purdy sure went to roost at the propagation for the night.

     Good Luck everybody.

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