Hub Tent Style ice shelters

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2010/12/21 10:38:49 (permalink)

Hub Tent Style ice shelters

Anyone have or have used the new hub style tents that look like they becoming popular. Looked at both the Clam and Shappel models, some use fiberglass poles ,others metal. Any pros & cons or things to consider when buying these type of huts would be appreciated.

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    RE: Hub Tent Style ice shelters 2010/12/21 14:22:48 (permalink)
    I got the HT 2 man pop up last year as a gift.
    While I'll admit it was better than nothing, it left a lot to be desired.

    Not real keen on the way the poles snap together & break down. I only ruined 1 connection the whole season, but I was real careful each time I set up / took down. Ended up just using a short piece of pipe to slide over the broken joint.

    Also, not the best in wind. Anything over 10-15 mph & it wanted to fold right over on itself.

    Another thing, careful with the skirt around the bottom.
    It gets frozen down pretty easy & once it does, it's a bear to get pulled free without ripping it.

    Keep in mind, this was about the cheapest hub you can get.
    I have no experience with the ones you mentioned.

    A flip over's on the list this year.

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