My Windy Day Gobbler !!! 5/8

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2010/05/10 20:30:46 (permalink)

My Windy Day Gobbler !!! 5/8

I decided with the early morning conditions I would sleep a couple extra hours. Left the house at 7:30 and by 8:30 I was in postion along a field edge where I've been seeing some birds strutting. The wind was rippin so I called as hard as I could. 30 min later 2 hens and 1 jake come out and work there way across the bottom edge of the field. They paid little attention to my calls, they worked out of sight. About a half hour passes when a gobbler steps into the field about 250 yrds away. I called to him with no responce, figuring he might not of heard me with the wind blowing from him to me. So I call as loud as I can on a mouth call, he gobbles and starts my way. He went into full strut but is still headed my way. He closed half the distance then he starts to hang up strutting in circles. I decide to get aggressive with my calling and hit him with some load cutting and yelping. He triple gobbles, then starts coming my way again. I decide to not call again and it worked, 20 minutes later he's at 15 yds. I decide to take him, the 835 does its job !!!!! The bird was 19 lbs 1" spurs and 10 1/8" beard. Here's some pic's. I shot him in Butler Co.


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    RE: My Windy Day Gobbler !!! 5/8 2010/05/10 21:59:20 (permalink)
    that beard looks longer than that. great job. i had a buddy out in that crap. hunted til 12:oo on the dot and only heard what i thought was a gobble 1 time.
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    RE: My Windy Day Gobbler !!! 5/8 2010/05/11 13:04:49 (permalink)
    Congrats creektroll...way to go.

    It was a rough one out there Saturday...
    I'd wait for a 'quiet spot' in the wind, do a little calling, and before I could hear an answer, hear comes the freight train wind again. Rough.

    ....real nice bird.

    "If you ever get hit with a bucket of fish, be sure to close your eyes." ><)))*>
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