canada lake advice.

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2010/02/09 16:34:04 (permalink)

canada lake advice.

i was wondering if any of you guys ever fish canada lake.  im looking for advice as to where i should park, how deep i should fish and how far down in the water i should go.  i cant catch a lake trout on purpose only by accident.  if any of you are going to be making a trip up there soon let me know.  im about ready to start using tnt if i dont get one  soon.

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    RE: canada lake advice. 2010/02/11 21:31:54 (permalink)
    Crave:  I have only fished Canada once and that was in a boat and we didn't catch any lakers.  There is a marina on the lake that is right on Route 29A, so I would stop in there and ask about where to fish.  I'm not sure if they sell bait or not, but I would think they would point you in the right direction regarding where to fish.  That lake has lots of deep water so I'd probably look for some structure where the bottom drops off.  To access that lake by boat, you have to put in at an inlet (or outlet) to West Lake and motor over to Canada.  Maybe the marina will let you access from their property.  Most of the shoreline is private I believe so I'm not sure where you would access it for ice fishing.  If the fishing is slow, West Lake is shallower and as plenty of panfish in it so you could try there if the lakers aren't biting.  Good luck.  Let us know how you make out.
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    RE: canada lake advice. 2010/02/12 10:00:12 (permalink)
    park at the store and head out to the island. about a foot off the bottom and you will hammer some monster small mouth. ive never had much luck with trout there.
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