Dead Birds

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2010/01/13 20:14:58 (permalink)

Dead Birds

With the recent weather we got here in NW PA, I am concerned about the flocks being able to survive with a few feet of snow and ice everywhere. What will they eat if they cant get to the ground? Has anybody found any dead turkeys? I dont remember a worse winter spell here ever, of course I do live in edinboro, so its going to be worse around here, but still...

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    RE: Dead Birds 2010/01/14 08:31:47 (permalink)
    im in ohio and i seen some good birds last week look good and healthy i have a 1ft or so inspots
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    RE: Dead Birds 2010/01/14 09:16:56 (permalink)
    Turkeys are living dinosaurs. They have been around for thousands of years and been through plenty of winters worse than this.
    With deep snow and ice the turkeys stay in the trees and pick off buds. They move very little to conserve energy and can survive like this for weeks. On warm days they will fly from their tree to standing corn or hemlock stands to feed.
    With the warm up coming this week the turkeys and deer will get some relief. At least the ice will melt off the trees exposing more buds.
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    RE: Dead Birds 2010/01/14 11:18:16 (permalink)
    I agree--the only thing to worry about is more than a month of deep powdery snow that keeps them in the trees. With this warming spell there will end up being a crust on the snow which will allow them to move around more to find food sources. Of course the crust then makes it hard on the deer. Not to worry about either unless this keeps up for quite awhile.
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    RE: Dead Birds 2010/01/14 15:41:07 (permalink)
    last year was a horrible year for snow and i went out in march and heard 4 different bird...first day in a different area i heard 8...this wont hurt them much..ive been seeing birds everywhere..just got some new calls for christmas

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    RE: Dead Birds 2010/01/14 22:44:46 (permalink)
    Counted 80 in field today where farmer spread manure Seem to be doing all right.
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