Realistic decoys on the market

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2010/01/09 16:24:31 (permalink)

Realistic decoys on the market

Has anyone else checked out the very realistic turkey decoys on the market? Maybe it's just me but I guess I never realized how far decoys makers have come.
I have seen the actual turkey mounts used as decoys but that seems like it would be a real pain to carry around.
I recently looked at 2 very realistic molded decoys online, one made by Floozie, the other made by Dave Smith Decoys. If you have never looked at these decoys they are cool to check out, I was blown away when I saw them. Some parts of these decoys are plastic and made out of molds which from real birds. The detail and finshes on them are art.
I just had to have one.........When I looked at the DSD decoys before Christmas they were on sale.
They are definately expensive, I paid $99 for a hen and that was the sale price. Regular price for the DSD was like $120. The Floozie was $169. Ahh, what the heck, I ordered one from DSD.
I received my decoy from DSD 2 days ago. After looking at this thing in person I'm still blown away,
it looks like a real hen. I can't wait to set it up in the woods and get a look at it in that setting.
This may be the last turkey decoy I ever have to buy. It appears to be very durable and should last a long, long, time with a little care. They come with a metal stake and carry bag.
I don't think I'll get a jake. They look so good that I'd be concerned about it getting shot.

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    RE: Realistic decoys on the market 2010/01/09 18:39:07 (permalink)
    be careful of idiots stalking your calling and seeing life-like decoys... you could be shot yourself not just your decoy. i had 2 guys last year walk past me then raise there guns at my cherokee inflatables, i had to yell at em.

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    RE: Realistic decoys on the market 2010/01/17 22:21:30 (permalink)
    B-mobile works- had my doubts in it but  called both longbeards and jakes in to it... 2 birds went down- none spooked like i thought might have happened
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    RE: Realistic decoys on the market 2010/01/18 06:48:37 (permalink)
    Pretty Boy is a Gobbler Magnet.

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    RE: Realistic decoys on the market 2010/01/18 15:40:46 (permalink)
    with the pretty boy have u ever had any birds get real nervous while they're coming in and just sorta stay out of range putting around in circles and stuff?   i have a jake decoy that i used last year and fortunatly the 3 jakes that i called in hung up about 40 yds away so i was able to teach the one a lesson, but with those big gobbler decoys i would think they they would be even more of a problem than my little jake decoy..hes not strutting..just an upright decoy..and also do those big pretty boys fold up good for carrying in the woods? im looking into buying one this spring..i need some info on them
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    RE: Realistic decoys on the market 2010/01/19 09:05:56 (permalink)
    Sometimes decoys work and sometimes they scare the birds away. It doesn't seem to matter what kind you are using or how you position them.Since you never know what kind of experience the bird you are trying to call has had with real or fake birds I quit using them and just set up so they are in range when they come into view.
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