where to try for trout

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2009/12/23 18:41:30 (permalink)

where to try for trout

hey guys im looking for a new spot to ice fish for trout and was wondering what spots you would reccommend.  ive never fished over 20 feet of water before so the shallower the better.

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    RE: where to try for trout 2009/12/23 18:59:08 (permalink)
    queechy in columbia is ok but for good trout fishing lake george
    hot tuna
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    RE: where to try for trout 2009/12/23 19:26:09 (permalink)
    the easiest thing to do is look in the fishing regulations hand book or dec website online for waters open to trout in the area you want to fish. I like the ADK's only due to more waters less people.
    Good luck out there

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    RE: where to try for trout 2009/12/23 19:35:08 (permalink)
    from the area it sounds like you fish, try piseco, canada, or the fulton chain. you may have to go a little bit deeper for the lakers which can be the true monsters of those lakes.

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    RE: where to try for trout 2009/12/23 19:41:10 (permalink)
    Thompsons Lake in southern albany county is a good spot for rainbow and brown trout. You have to get 'em before mid to late january because they just seem to slow down and shut off after that. Another place is Shaver Pond in Grafton Lake State Park. There is a path off the main road, but it's tough to pull a sled back up out of there, especially if there is no snow on the ground and you really have to hunt for them there. I agree with Tuna, you really have to look on the DEC site or in the various books. I have my own personal score to settle with a particular laker at Hearthstone campground this season so good luck in your search for the browns and rainbows.
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    RE: where to try for trout 2009/12/24 09:11:37 (permalink)
    don't forget about Moreau lake, full of 'bows and open for ice fishing.
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