lyme disease/dogs

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2009/08/28 08:20:51 (permalink)

lyme disease/dogs

last week my lab mix pup got so sick he could hardley get into the vehicle to take him to vets, come on very suddenly, after tests, lyme disease, they had 5 cases that morning, vet said never seen it so bad, so if you dog is acting different, like sore legs, no spunk, get to the vets, very treatable so they say and get the vacinated for disease..after pills and shot he was back to normal that evening, then again yesterday he took another spell with his back legs, back to vet, related to lyme disease, still on medication for month, he's fine again today..hate them ticks..will be out again as soon as it cools off..take care of your best friend..

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    RE: lyme disease/dogs 2009/08/28 09:05:29 (permalink)
    I had a local vet office tell us, probably just over a year ago, that they don't even bother with lyme vaccines anymore! Scary thought.. went to another vet this year when we got the postcards in the mail about boosters and they provided the boosters and vaccines, including lyme.

    Another thing that tweaked me about the former vet office... they gave our cat a one year booster for FVRCP and when I went to the new vet they had a 3 year booster.. I wonder if the old vet was giving one year boosters, instead of the 3 year booster, just to increase their annual visits.
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    RE: lyme disease/dogs 2009/08/28 09:31:17 (permalink)
    Is the vaccine something that they can get early, that will protect them from ever contracting the disease? Or is it just something to help lessen the symptoms? I've got a 10-11 week old chocolate lab that might be very interested to hear about this...
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    RE: lyme disease/dogs 2009/08/28 09:37:50 (permalink)
    The vaccine is preventative.


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