Persistance Pay's Off

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2009/05/24 14:49:07 (permalink)

Persistance Pay's Off

On friday May 22, at 11:53 am I managed to fill tag No. 2 to end my 2009 season. It's been one of the tuffest seasons I've seen in awhile. I hunted this bird since the end of the first week but did have other chances to fill my tag.

The gobbler was shot in WMA 1A Butler Co. it had 9 1/2" Beard, 7/8" spurs and was 18 lbs. And was shot at 35 yrds. with a Mossberg 835 and a load of Federal flitecontrol of # 5's.

I get to my spot to listen and at 5:25am him and another bird start Gobbling back and forth. I was all most where I wanted to be, so I made a little adjustment and set up between the 2 gobbling birds . A short while later I did a little tree talk on a glass call and was answered. The bird I was after gobbled 2 times then went silent, the other bird was gobbling his head off. I waited and about 6:10 I here this bird come down. So I call soft and he lets out a double gobble, I answer him then put down the call. I end up sitting an hour and thirty minutes with nothing. I figure he's with his hens again so I change locations and due a little purring and clucking on the glass call. After about a 30 to 40 min. wait I spot movement to my left at 30 yrds. I can tell it's a hen so I start hoping he's following her, but he's not . She works passed me after about 30mins, I wait alittle and call soft again. After an hour wait with nothing going on I decide to move again. I go the area he was roosted and set up, thinking he may visit the area again. I change to a mouth call and let out some yelps and and clucks. On the 2nd set of calls I hear a gobble from the other bird about 200yrds. away. I awnser back and he replies a gobble,then the bird I,m after starts to gobble. I call again and he awnsers he's getting closer . I wait and wait nothing so I call and he awnser's put he's going away. Then out of the clear blue a deer starts to snort. And every thing goes silent again. As frustration starts to set in I look at my watch and it's 10:45. I decide to head to where I last heard him. I get set up and decide to just sit and don't call, 30 mins. pass bye then he gobbles d about ten mintutes later I spot movement at 35 yrds. I turn to see him standing there looking I count to three and pull up and shoot and the federal's do the job. As I'm going to retrieve him I look at my watch and it reads 11:53am.

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    RE: Persistance Pay's Off 2009/05/24 16:42:09 (permalink)
    Sweet. Sounds like you had action most of the morning.
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    RE: Persistance Pay's Off 2009/05/25 10:36:41 (permalink)
    Sounds like you had more action on friday than most people have had in the last couple of weeks.. its been a tough one!
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    RE: Persistance Pay's Off 2009/05/25 11:31:36 (permalink)
    It's been a tough year for us and alot of very good turkey hunters i know.We went to our for sure spot today.I sent the old man down a tram road and i went a few hundered yards above him.I never heard a gobble nor did he i sat there an just purred and clucked had one hen come in 10 yards away.At about 7:45 i thought i heard one gobble way off so i waited till about 8:15 an strated calling loud and aggresive not respones.I called the old man on his cell phone an told him that's get the hell out of here.We headed to a posted farm we hunt in washington county.We stopped at the first well i ripped a series of yelps got a instant response.We hurried up an setup so i clucked and purred on the crystal they double gobble.About 5 minutes later here comes 5 red heads to our left.I pulled the trigger on a 5 inch jake an jellyheaded him.I tryed to get the old man a shoot but they came in the wrong way.We had a great year also heard alot of gobbling worked a few birds so with a kill on the last day not a lb but what a nice ending.
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