Off Topic- Idiots

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2009/05/20 22:46:22 (permalink)

Off Topic- Idiots

From now on any and every post I see that mentions anything on these below catigorys it will be modified or deleted. This childish behavior is getting out of hand and needs stopped. If I knew nothing about this site and came and seen and read most of the stuff here I would never spend a dime at Fishusa. Many of you are giving this site a bad reputaion. So below is the set of rules I will be moderating by These are within the rules and my right to modifey them.

#1. Any and all posts that contain any bashing /slander/name calling towards another person will be delt with. Examples( name calling of any kind at all even light terms like jerk or bonehead will be off limits )Light bannered jokes between frineds is ok.

#2.Any rasist coments what so ever.

#3. Any and all sexist/genderist jokes, comments, bashing ect.
Exmples: 1. saying or calling anyone ****, lesbian or transsexual. Any coments reguarding ones sexuality or gender preferance will not be toterated at all.( aka referance to one being ****, a homosexual, a sissy, a lesbian, a dike, a transsexual , a crossdresser or hermaphrodite.) 2. pictures diplicting any homosexual, sissy, lesbian, transsexual , crossdresser 3. Any and all pictures with any form of nudity showing excessive clivage, butt ect of woman.3. Any derogitory comments about woman and or men showing or degrating them in a stereotypical mannor. Get over yourself people as if you were truely confident with your own sexuality and gender you would not be doing or saying these things. P.S. You can share all your UPS girl pics by pm as well no need to be posting such things on a public forum.

#4. Any and all spot burning. you can still give a name of a stream or lake as long as it is public.But no and I mean specific spot naming will be aloud at all. Exemptions will be naming of a specific spot for a group activity( oil creek outing, shenago get together, freeze out ect) and or place of a tournament. Also saying stuff like lower , middle or upper creek or north, south, west or east side of lake is exceptible.No more will a launch site name(exemption true fish commision launches as long as not any secific fishing spot from there is mentioned), island name or stream hole be aceptible to post here. What to share some info with someone thats what the pm feature is for. Posting specific spots for thousands of lerkers to see will and does cause places to get over run and potentionaly get them posted or closed off from abuse. Example of ok posts would be. fished so and so creek caught 10 fish on spinners..Off limits post would be fished so and so creek at so and so and so spot caught 10 fish.

#5.Advicating any illegal activitys( aka illegal fishing or hunting practices, illegal drug use, drinking and driving, making moonshine( homemade wine and or beer is ok to mention as its still legal to do),threating violence,cuelty of animals or any kind,ect). Advicating means telling some one you are doing such things , telling others to do so and or generaly making an illegal practice seem ok in others eye.

#6. Any and all advertizing of any buisness that is in direct compition with FishUsa.

#6. Any and all swearing this includes the cover up stuff as well. We are not so stupid as to not know what f@%k or ****hole means.Clean it up people.

#7. bashing other for spelling errors. Realy is your life so bad you need to act as grammor police to make your self feel better? As long as its understandable get over it this is the internet age and typo is most peoples second

#8. Any and all posts about thread deletion/modifying will be deleted. If the worst thing you ever had happen to you today was a modified deleted post feel lucky as you had a great day. If you real truely feel you have been violated/abused in some way you can contact me via pm or one of the head people at fishusa about this in a peacefull mannor.If you get nasty start name calling or act in a harassing mannor I or anouther staff member will see to it you are banned from this site. There is zero need to get to this point over a discution board so act your age please.Sometimes posts have gotten acidentaly deleted by a wrong mouse click and just a moderator forgetting to check the right box please do not take this personal.Al moderators you see listed per board are doing this job with no pay at all and do not need to be harassed nor abused for trying to keep this site going and keeping it clean for all..

It is possible to share good info with others and have great discutions without doing the things listed above and get over the freedom of speach lines as this site does not have to nor will give you the right to act the way you do at times. What is realy sad is many good people have left this site because of many of the things listed above. I for one am sick and tired of seeing good people stop posting cause of it.

I have been pretty busy as of late and a few things have gotten by me. But will try to do my best to clean this up in all future posts and old ones as well. Am just one person and spending hrs every day just reading every last post is a tad unrealistic. so if anyone see's things that violate these rules please do pm me the link to them so I can take care of it asap. Thank you.

I wonder if bowling over old men, chumming, lining and/or lifting were permitted topics, Something the moderator might know about. Kind of hard to take someone seriously that can't even spell grammar, especially when there is spell check built into the **** Post New Thread Dialog Box.


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    RE: Off Topic- Idiots 2009/05/21 14:17:37 (permalink)
    Why post this here?
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    RE: Off Topic- Idiots 2009/05/21 20:19:09 (permalink)
    As an idiot myself, I have no problems with this.
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    RE: Off Topic- Idiots 2009/05/24 07:08:29 (permalink)
    there is spell check built into the **** Post New Thread Dialog Box.

    perhaps you should use it.
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