steelhead 09

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2009/02/25 19:37:52 (permalink)

steelhead 09

really folks, this is where the great lakes open water discussions belong. I know it has been a ghost site lately and always is after the Salmon zoo ends. But still there are fish (steelhead & browns) along with people trying their hand at catching them. I take some responsibility myself for not posting updates but in reality my focus has been on the hard water scene.
So in saying that, I did have a trip to the Salmon River last Monday . The river conditions at that time were near perfect. 500 cfm water was almost gin clear and there are plenty of steelhead in the river. As for snow pack, again lot's of snow yet to run off , aprox. 2 feet around Pulaski and more in the tug hill. What that means is once a good week of 45+ deg. temps and the waters will rise and rise. Fish are already starting their spawning phase and I observed them digging redds. Be it the water is still on the cool side , to me this is where the streamer fly kicks in. Aggressive fish will readily strike a streamer swung or drifted above the bottom.
As for tackle, I will use a WFF line with about 2 bb or 1 3/0 shot just to get my fly down enough so it swings but not drag.
As for rod, a 5 wt is to light (IMO) a 7wt is perfect. I had 1 fish take me well into my backing.
Spinning rods: I also use them when the situation dictates, a float drifting small egg sacks or also a fly will do the trick. Dead drifting is also the tried and true method. Personally I like teaching a swung fly to aggressive fish.
As for the fish themselves, at this point in time they are in all stages, winter holding, transition and spawning now is the easiest time to find them..
If there is anything in which one may have questions , feel free .... Just Ask.
Peace & Tuna

Just got off the phone with a report from a friend who fished today. Good action all day, water is up to 750 , 33 degs, still clear and good flow to swing.

"whats that smell like fish oh baby" .. J. Kaukonen

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    RE: steelhead 09 2009/02/25 22:40:27 (permalink)
    Shouldn't be too long, spring birds are chirping here in nnj, thanks for the report rj

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    RE: steelhead 09 2009/02/28 11:50:28 (permalink)
    Thanks tuna,
    Your right on. 10' 7wt is the ideal steelhead fly rod. Winter I use a 12'-13' float rod unless the conditions are perfect for the fly rod. It is time to swing those flies.
    Will try to post a report after my next visit to the SR. Thanks for the update.
    BTW, nice new logo.
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    RE: steelhead 09 2009/03/02 10:06:04 (permalink)
    I've got the itch real bad! watchin the weather and the flow? this weekend is doable? 3/8 if the flow holds and the weather, gonna make the run from CNJ.  Thanks for the updates.
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