Cortland Endurance Float Rod

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2008/12/10 09:49:28 (permalink)

Cortland Endurance Float Rod

Does anyone out there have an opinion on the Cortland Endurance Float Rod?  Up till now I have been using a 10'-6" noodle rod and would like to "move up" to a 13' rod.  Or any other suggestions are welcome in the $150 to $200 price range.
Thanks in advance for your help,

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    RE: Cortland Endurance Float Rod 2008/12/10 11:09:13 (permalink)
    I've never fished one but have heard a lot of knocks about them.
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    RE: Cortland Endurance Float Rod 2008/12/10 15:48:06 (permalink)
    I have a 11'6" endurance and find it very acceptable. It is a soft action for hook setting and fighting big fish but is easy to get comfortable with and has served me well. Two piece is a bit long for transport. This  length is good to get around on PA steelhead streams and is great for times when steelhead sized fish are not targeted. I am currently testing a 13' rod which is stiffer and I enjoy them both.  As with most things, exactly what makes them good for one thing is the limiting factor for other uses.  If you are going to fish large waters or target heavier fish the 13 in a stiffer rod may be most desirable. I would let you try my 11'6" but I doubt there is any benefit if you are after a 13'.
    Enjoy the hunt and remember there is somebody out there that likes every rod made.
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    RE: Cortland Endurance Float Rod 2008/12/10 21:55:49 (permalink)
    For your price range i would highly recommend a st.croix 11.5 or 13ftr.  Both are around 160 to 170.  I also have a sheffield 13ft 4 in and its a nice rod.  Its complemented much nicer with a heavier reel such as an islander or loomis.  I had my ross flow on it and the balance was way off with the lighter weight reel, put it on my st. croix 11.5 and balances it out great. 

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    RE: Cortland Endurance Float Rod 2008/12/11 17:52:14 (permalink)
    I have a cortland endurance 11'6 float rod with a raven SST reel and it has served me well so far. I've only fished it 8 times or so but I have no complaints yet and have been catching fish with it. It is my first centerpin setup, however, so i have nothing to compare it to...  
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