2021/09/08 12:34:08

17' Shamrock
Engine rebuilt 90 hrs ago 810 total hrs
Boat and trailer in excellent condition
Erie Pa 16505
boat is registered in pa I haven't gotten around to putting the pa numbers on
2021/09/11 10:08:27
Good luck with sale! Glad to see you posted it up here.

For anyone interested, these boats aren't common up here in the north but they are great boats. We have a bigger shamrock, they are solid hulls and the mid ship engines give them a great ride. Anyone considering a smaller boat that can still handle lake Erie should give it a good look.
2021/09/11 10:57:17
Thanks for the input FL2. Looks to be in great shape from that pic.

I'm kicking around the idea of a welded. They are so expensive tho and aren't really available around here. Gregor and Klamuth are the 2 biggest Company's. I think AlumaCraft has started a model also. ... let's talk sea worthy💪💪💪 🛥
2021/09/11 13:31:48
The weight of the Shamrocks and their mid ship engines make them very stable in general. I believe this boat has a small diesel and it is a "direct drive" , aka "true inboard" (as ours is).  Some folks are hesitant because they aren't familiar with inboard but they have a lot of advantages,  especially if you are at all mechanically inclined.  If I was looking for another boat I would be looking at this one tomorrow. 
2021/09/13 11:32:41
Very few of these got built with a diesel.  This one is a Marine Power 4 cylinder gas (marinized Mitsubishi)  
2021/09/13 11:48:20
Thanks for the correction about gas vs diesel.  GLWS 

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