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  • Anybody know about repairing and fixing broken Rapala lures ?
2016/02/14 20:13:43
Got a number of broken lips or bibs on my Rapala floaters # 11's and # 13's. You would think Rapala would have some kind of contact or way to buy some replacements but I'm not seeing any . Any ideas or suggestions would be welcomed ! 
2016/02/14 20:51:07
If you have receipts you can send the lures back and they replace them free of charge. Just need to remove the hooks. I'll see if I can find the email I have from them for the repairs.
2016/02/14 20:58:00
Normark Corporation
10395 Yellow Circle Dr
Minnetonka, MN 55343

(952) 933-7060

I last did it about 5 years ago so you may want to try that number first see if they still offer it. I've even bought new lures and used th e new receipt ro fix the old
2016/02/14 21:48:17
 Saw a show that they broke the lips off before fishin' 'em. Think it was one ov the Linder Bros. Have a bunch ov Raps & Long A Bombers that if it aint broke don't...
2016/02/17 18:18:23
Thanks ....I'll check it out .
2016/02/21 23:33:53
If they don't replace, you can make your own replacements with lexan. Work great for homemade plug lips.
2016/02/22 07:53:12
On my f 18s I have done like Porktown. Do not keep track of time. I fastened with J B Weld, although I am sure any Epoxy would work. In my world J B Weld is my go to repair cement. I buy the large tubes and it lasts me for years.
2016/02/22 08:22:23
Here is a great site for tackle crafting.  They might have some how to articles on repairs.  http://www.tackleundergro...y/forum/13-hard-baits/
I use clear 5 ton epoxy, drill a small hole or two in the lexan portion that goes into the lure, to give a place for your adhesive to anchor.  
I think the tackle underground site sells replacement lips too.

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