Ridgeway/St. Marys/Bennezette areas

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2008/07/11 22:49:06 (permalink)

Ridgeway/St. Marys/Bennezette areas

Any updates on the fishing in this area for trout? Looks like some of the water is real low right now? No need to give up a secret spot just need some general info on how things are fishing! Thanks for the help!

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    RE: Ridgeway/St. Marys/Bennezette areas 2008/07/12 13:17:25 (permalink)
    I live in St. Marys so I know the water well. The water around here is very very low and water is really warm. Probably your best bet is to fish East Branch of the Clarion. They are letting water out of the dam because of the trouble with the leak in the breast work and the water is always ice cold no matter the temp. of the air. Water is moving good but very clear. The delayed harvest artifical lure area from the dam down to the black top road should have fish there and from the Dam Inn Restaurant downstream to Benigo State park may have fish also. Other than that maybe Ridgeway and St. Marys Reserviors. Maybe be better to try the Clarion river below Ridgeway bigger water.
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    RE: Ridgeway/St. Marys/Bennezette areas 2008/07/12 16:16:43 (permalink)
    Most will be chocolate milk color by Sunday morning. Warm front moving through. Stream temps on the freestones were getting @70 by mid morning.
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    RE: Ridgeway/St. Marys/Bennezette areas 2008/07/14 08:23:09 (permalink)
    Born and raised on the streams in that area, and I agree this late in the year most of the streams are too low for good fishing.  I agree that teh Clarion would be my first choice.  Delayed harvest area has some great water.  But what I normally did was go north to Potter county for bigger water.
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    RE: Ridgeway/St. Marys/Bennezette areas 2008/07/15 01:39:11 (permalink)
    if u go up to potter look for the feeder creeks if the main creeks like kettle are warm they will be piled up there. had days this time of the year were me and my buddy caught close to a hundred each fishing around the feeder creeks with cold water flowing in
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    RE: Ridgeway/St. Marys/Bennezette areas 2008/07/20 14:56:28 (permalink)
    Please to not target tribs to the main stem. The fish are stacked here and in stress allready.
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    RE: Ridgeway/St. Marys/Bennezette areas 2008/07/21 15:55:43 (permalink)
    Fished the east branch of the clarion this past weekend.  Have done better, caught 6 over thursday night, friday, and sat. evening.  This is the only creek holding any water at the current time.  Evenings are best.
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