favorite treestands

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2008/05/16 01:06:12 (permalink)

favorite treestands

what are everyones favorite style treestands

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    RE: favorite treestands 2008/05/16 07:57:59 (permalink)
    Climbers for the portability and ladders for the comfort.
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    RE: favorite treestands 2008/05/16 08:07:04 (permalink)
    permanent, built in for consistent spots and comfort.  Had one a few years back that we built from unistrut and 2x6's.  It was an archery stand, about 14' high, and 30" wide by 4' long.  Was in a great spot and saw plenty of deer there.  Of course 3 years later the farm was leased.
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    RE: favorite treestands 2008/05/16 08:42:02 (permalink)
    Climbers, im skeptical of people stealing stands. Too many horror stories. If i can find a good spot ill put a hangon up for a couple days. Being able to get tucked into crevices really helps.
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    RE: favorite treestands 2008/05/16 09:02:21 (permalink)
    Climbers, my origanal OL'man hasn't failed me or squeeked on me in over 10 years but, there are those spots where climbers won't go up and the deer are there so its either lock-ons or ground blinds.
    only 41/2 months till archery,,,:)))))
    fishin coyote
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    RE: favorite treestands 2008/05/16 09:06:04 (permalink)
    A 3 legged stool.
    You've all been brain washed into thinking the only way to kill a deer is from a tree. Real hunters stay out of the trees and use recurves. LOL just kidding guys
    Although 90% of my time is spent on the ground when I do take to the trees it is with a climber.
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    RE: favorite treestands 2008/05/16 09:08:08 (permalink)
    It depends on where I'm hunting.  In many cases I hang in some places because I need to get in there quietly, sometimes within 50 or so yards of where the deer usually bed.  I won't even head in if there isn't a reasonable breeze.  My climber is 10 pounds, so weight isn't much of a factor.  I'll use it in transition areas where not making a peep isn't AS important.

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    RE: favorite treestands 2008/05/16 16:47:24 (permalink)
    Summit Viper ss.. Cant beat it i have 4 stands, ladder, climmer, and 2 hang ons and i still cant find a better stand
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    RE: favorite treestands 2008/05/16 21:49:09 (permalink)
    Lone Wolf Alfa Lock on Climber, light , quiet, and has a built in Bow holder on the base that sits between your legs.  John

    thats a good fish, they are all good, some are gooder than others
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    RE: favorite treestands 2008/05/17 23:56:43 (permalink)
    I love my loggy climber, most comfortable stand Ive ever hunted from. API baby grand a good hang on Ive had for years.  Been really falling in love last few years with ladders.  Bought a couple and hang in hotspots, great quick spot for that hour before dark after work. No setup time/noise, walk to your stand and your hunting. Has added many extra evening hunts for me each year.  My .02
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    RE: favorite treestands 2008/05/18 00:15:52 (permalink)
    Climber.Miss my old Loggy Bayou with the thick band.Never had any problems with it kinking but sold it and bought a new Loggy last year.Heard too many stories about guys getting to their stands only to find it stolen in my suburban area.Besides,you can pick your tree if the wind is wrong for a certain spot on any given day.
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    RE: favorite treestands 2008/05/18 16:12:28 (permalink)
    Summit backpacker it's nice can fit in the car back seat.With gas 3.85 a gal it would be cheaper to buy a blue trap to lay in the trunk then drive the dodge at 6 mpg.
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    RE: favorite treestands 2008/05/19 02:58:46 (permalink)
    Gorilla Silverback, hang on.  It is the easiest to hang I have ever used.  I have about 8 of those.  They are nice to carry in if you have a long walk as well.
    I also have a stand I got about 20 years ago it was a****Idol stand, it is really nice. 
    I hate climbers, they are noisy and a pain, plus they put you in trees with very little cover.
    With three hang on sticks and a hang on I can hunt 18+ feet where ever I want.  Most of my stands are in by Sept 1 anyway though, then just adjusting.

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