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2008/05/04 19:12:34 (permalink)


so who else has got intercepted this year (a hen picks up your gobbler before he makes it to your setup), I was hunting our property in NY and both yesterday and today (sat and sun), I was cut off by hens...The first time i had 2 gobblers coming to my setup and when they were about 60 yards away i hear 3 yelps and some clucks and i see a hen coming out of the woods behind them and she gets next to them and cuts to the right and then they follow, never heard another gobbler that day...Today i had a gobbler going, i could see his head poking out of the brushline on the ridge above me and i hear a hen start going off and then i start calling more aggressively hopefully so he forgets about the hen closer to him and  then she starts up again and soon its between me and her and we argued for about 5 minutes and then i see the gobbler start walking away back around the ridge and i get screwed over again...Oh well, three more weeks to go...share your stories about those theiving hens..

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    RE: INTERCEPTION!!!! 2008/05/05 20:12:34 (permalink)
    Happened to me last Friday. Had a bird gobble only 3 times in the tree, saw him fly down, had a hen come from god knows where and walk right past me to the gobbler and off they went to be in love
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    RE: INTERCEPTION!!!! 2008/05/06 09:39:48 (permalink)
    Seems to happen a couple times each year.  But you have to love the hen when she brings him to you.
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    RE: INTERCEPTION!!!! 2008/05/06 20:15:31 (permalink)
    zac maybe you just suck! and cant hunt! ever think of that? lol jk
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    RE: INTERCEPTION!!!! 2008/05/14 10:46:46 (permalink)
    I've been intercepted twice this year by other hunters.  Called all morning, got a bird to come off another hillside.  Just as he's getting close, this jerk steps out on his porch and starts going off with 2-3 different calls at the same time!  Bye bye bird.  Other time, hunter walks right up on me as I'm getting the bird in.  He turned and left after I identified myself, but it was to late.  The bird saw him. 
    If YOU are not the one calling in the bird, please stay away! 
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    RE: INTERCEPTION!!!! 2008/05/14 17:30:11 (permalink)
    That aviater is

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