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RE: world record carp (pics) 2013/01/08 06:47:51 (permalink)
It kills me to see these pics and then to see the 6" of snow on the ground. I'm gonna have to go chub fishing just to get my course fish fix.
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RE: world record carp (pics) 2013/01/10 01:20:14 (permalink)
The carp catches keep getting bigger and bigger. Are the fish growing or is there just an increase in anglers number or skill levels? The thing is, some of these fish come out of private waters or pay lakes.
The world record Giant Siamese Carp is still this 256 pounder from Thailand:

I've been trying to catch one over here, but they seem to be few and far between outside of the fee fishing ponds.
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RE: world record carp (pics) 2019/03/17 14:49:51 (permalink)
A long time since this thread has been updated:

World carp record rises from 108 lb to 112 lb 14 oz (51.2 kg)!
Angler's MailNovember 23, 2018 

THE World carp record of 108 lb (pictured below) has risen by nearly 5 lb.... to an incredible 112 lb 14 oz (51.2 kg) at Euro Aqua in Hungary.
image: https://keyassets.timeinc...43263562_n-533x400.jpg

This 108 lb World carp record catch has been overtaken... when the scales tipped 51.2 kg (112 lb 14 oz).

TAGS:carpcarp fishingWorld record carp

The immense new World carp record catch was made by Dutchman Michel Schoenmakers on Friday, November 23, 2018.
More details will follow here soon, and also in print/digital form soon in Angler’s Mail weekly magazine, to which you can subscribe here now at a fantastic offer price.
Michel’s leviathan came from the incredible Euro Aqua fishery in Hungary which has dominated mega carp headlines in recent years.
His catch lifts the bar by a considerable margin and it is the first carp capture anywhere in the World to pull the scales down to the 50 kg mark.
His colossal carp is seen here in a picture and video posted by Euro Aqua on its Facebook page.
The World carp record had stood for the past two years at just under that magic ’50’ mark at 49 kg (108 lb).
The captor of that previous World carp record travelled from the neighbouring country of Austria, and it was his first session on Euro Aqua.
Marco Eichner made fast work of the venue’s incredible stock, and he struck lucky with the historic 108 lb catch on Saturday, October 21, 2017.
Shortly after that catch, Marco told Angler’s Mail: “I arrived at the lake and perfect autumn weather greeted me with 20 degrees outside and 14 degrees water temperature.
“Every day I fed ten kilograms and five kilos of boilies on an area of ​​ten square metres at a distance of 50 metres.
“As bait I used a 20 mm boilie of the brand MM-baitservice, which starts working quickly in the water.
“My 35 cm long leader with size 6 hooks I fished behind an 121 gram heavy inline lead.
“The plan was to offer this about five metres away from the feeding place at a depth of three metres in order to catch as large a carp as possible.”

‘Golden tactics’ for World carp record

“The tactics turned out to be golden,” continued Marco.
“I got a timid bite, and my alarm beeped three times. I picked up the rod and started a battle of about ten minutes.
“The big fish moved quietly, but finally the landing succeeded. When the carp lay in the net, we could not believe our eyes and immediately called for the owner Alexander Horvath.
“When weighed the huge carp went an incredible 49 kg on the scale, a world record. This was the trip of my life!” exclaimed the soldier from Vienna.
Marco is seen below in a video, cradling the immense bulk of the catch.
 The fishery attracts controversy by its practice of feeding its fish a vast quantity of maize and boilies to fatten them up for the anglers.
Manchester’s Warren Harrison used to be a regular visitor to Euro Aqua, and landed on of the best UK overseas caught carp there of 101 lb 8 oz.
He says some of the biggest carp have died but there’s still plenty of big fish in there.
Warren explained: “The owner puts in up to 8 tonnes of feed a week and the fish pack on the weight.
“One or two people I know have questioned this weight but I’ve seen the video and pictures and it is massive with a huge stomach so I quite believe it.
“I know the fish I caught 18 months ago at 101 lb 8 oz has died since as have a few of the other giants there, but there are others to come through.
“I recognise the fish as one that was caught the day after mine by a Dutch guy called Carlo which went 90 lb so it has packed on 18 lb since I saw it.

“These highly fed fish don’t seem to live as long as others left to grow naturally so the practice is controversial, but it is magnificent fishing, although far from cheap –1,500 Euros for a week including bait and cooked breakfast,” he added.

Euro Aqua’s World carp record pedigree

The World carp record, before the 108 lb catch, was  held by a different fish scaling 105 lb 13 oz (48 kg). This was also caught at Euro Aqua in Hungary.
Thomas Krist from the Czech Republic was the new World carp record holder with that fish, pictured below. His catch, made back in 2015, added over 4 lb to the existing record.
image: https://keyassets.timeinc...05/CFW1eGKW0AA3fRR.jpg
Thomas Krist (right) cradles the previous record carp that scaled a staggering 48 kg – which converts to 105 lb 13 oz. He’s seen with the owner of Euro Aqua in Hungary.
Euro Aqua burst onto the wider big fish scene three years ago, on June 2, 2012, when Roman Hanke made an amazing 101 lb 4 oz catch (below). Since then, as we reported, many British anglers have joined the monster-seekers at this incredible water.
image: https://keyassets.timeinc...2014/01/recordcarp.gif
Roman Hanke gives a full view of his 101 lb World record carp.
The impressive commercially-run 11.3-hectare (28-acre) Aqua Lake is a former gravel pit near the truly massive (146,500-acre) Lake Balaton.
Well maintained Euro Aqua fishery holds many more giant carp, plus catfish, zander and pike, and packages can be booked to fish there.
It’s run by a couple Alexander and Susan Horvath, and Alexander bought it back in the mid-1990s as a retreat for friends and family, later forming an angling club for fish it.

World carp record background

Colin Smith landed and released a 100-pound, 8-ounce common carp at lake in France, then John Thorpe caught same fish less than a week later
May 7, 2013


image: https://keyassets.timeinc...IN-out-again-99-lb.gif

The biggest carp landed from France was 100 lb 8 oz, a common carp that has since died.
The rise of the lake to No.1 status for the World’s biggest carp, outshining the many rich venues in France in particular, was initially a surprise to many anglers.
But it was not a shock to those dedicated big carp hunters who were really in the know.
Euro expert Steve Briggs, said after the 101-pounder was landed: ‘The Euro Aqua lake has been under the radar as far as most English anglers are concerned but I’ve certainly known about it for the last three or four years.
‘It’s not the first big fish to be caught from there in fact it holds a great deal of very large carp, easily as many as any of the known French waters and so it’s no great surprise really that the first 100 lb carp came from there.”
As Angler’s Mail has reported, giant carp in Graviers, Abbey Lakes and Rainbow Lake are amongst those with known carp that have nudged  up towards 100 lb, along with Keltcherhoef in Belgium.

World carp record soars to an incredible 112 lb 14 oz
Angler's MailDecember 14, 2018

MICHEL SCHOENMAKERS continued his record-breaking year with the World’s biggest ever carp at 112 lb 14 oz.
image: https://keyassets.timeinc...ord-carp-1-630x383.jpg

TAGS:big carpcarpcarp fishingWorld record carp

The 35-year-old was back on Hungary’s Euro-Aqua and this time he set the World carp record.
Michel became the first ever angler to catch a 50 kg-plus carp when he made history with with this 51.2 kg giant mirror. That’s 112 lb 14 oz!
The World carp record catch came exactly four months after he notched up a World record brace of 43.1 kg (95 lb 1 oz) and 42.5 kg (93 lb 6 oz) on June 23. That was also from Euro-Aqua.
World carp record breaker Michel told Angler’s Mail: “This day begun like any normal fishing day.
“I was feeding early in the morning and after that I have make my rods ready.
“I put my own boilie brand called Aqua Diamonds on the hook with a snowman rig and cast them out on the right spots.
“Around 9 o clock in the morning I had all lines in the lake.
“It took not long time till I get the first take it feel like a really big carp it was a good strong fight.
“After around 20 minutes I had him in my landing net. I put my sling under the landing net.
“When I tried to lift him up I realized how heavy he is and I have make my tripod and scale ready to weigh him.
“It was in perfect condition.
“It was unbelievable that I caught the first 50 kg+ carp on the world.
“I will never forget this day in my life,” concluded Nijmegen, Holland-based Michel, who had a previous PB of 100 lb 3 oz, also from Euro-Aqua just a month ago.
Manchester-based Warren Harrison has a 101 lb 8 oz PB from Euro-Aqua and also had the then record world brace of 94 and 87 lb. He believes the water is very special.
Warren said: “I think there’s around four definitely over 100lb at this time of the year.

“If the fish I caught at 101 lb 8 oz gets caught soon this could easily be bigger than 112 lb because it was a lot longer bigger frame and I don’t think he’s been caught since I had it 18 months ago.”

Euro-Aqua hall of fame

112 lb 14 oz              Michel Schoenmakers            2018
108 lb                      Marco Eichner                          2017
105 lb 13 oz              Thomas Krist                           2015
104 lb 2 oz              Stephen Weir                            2015
103 lb 10 oz              Joost Van der Togt                 2015
102 lb                     Luke Vanes                                  2018
101 lb 8 oz              Warren Harrison                      2017
101 lb 4 oz               Roman Hanke                          2012
100 lb 3 oz              Michel Schoenmakers             2018

Read more at https://www.anglersmail.c...05#wdBY7hMaE405YWle.99
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RE: world record carp (pics) 2019/04/21 20:03:40 (permalink)
How is that real? It's HUGE! It's to fat to be wild so I'm guessing it is farmed.
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RE: world record carp (pics) 2020/10/09 08:21:22 (permalink)
oh, it's some cows, not fish. But well done to the fishermen who caught them. Sometimes it is difficult for me to pull out an ordinary fish, but here is such a huge find. It would be interesting to look at the process itself, but cool
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