Trout in Da Mohawk

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2008/03/05 12:06:56 (permalink)

Trout in Da Mohawk

I have heard about a few people catching trout in the Mohawk . I fish the Mohawk almost every day from late march till late November weather and wife permitting . I have been fishing it for well over 15 years .
It seems every year I run into some one that says they caught a trout out of the river . I used to think that the person was either full of BS or they mis identified another species .
Just today I was chatting with a guy that I know can ID a fish and he said that there are actually browns and bows in da river .  I believe and trust this guy. 
Any one else catch one out of the Mohawk ?  I guess thats its passable especially around the stocked streams and creeks .
If a brown could survive in the river I would imagine they could get huge .


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    RE: Trout in Da Mohawk 2008/03/05 15:48:48 (permalink)
    "The Sportsmen's Connection" also says that some trout make it to the Mohawk from feeder creeks. I dont' think it would be worth the time to target them, but it would be a nice surprise from time to time. I believe browns can withstand higher water temperatures than their salmonoid cousins. I'll let you know if I ever catch one out of there Dan, but don't hold your breath. 
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    RE: Trout in Da Mohawk 2008/03/05 19:09:53 (permalink)
    Most of the trout I hear about being caught are from Lock 12 and up (west). I personally seen a dead Brown float by me .
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    RE: Trout in Da Mohawk 2008/03/05 21:26:36 (permalink)
    I saw a small rainbow near the surface just below the lock 12 fast water, but that was more than 10 years ago I'd say.  I have heard of others catching them.  I'm not surprised.  I'm sure there aren't too many but, why wouldn't they be there?
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