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2021/11/07 07:29:18 (permalink)

Rut weather

We have had ideal weather for the archery rut this year when many, many bucks typically fall. Next week looks to be pretty darn good rut and hunting weather as well. I would not be surprised to see the archery buck harvest up significantly this year due to two weeks of ideal weather during a period when hunters historically take many deer. 

Our camp is primarily rifle hunting folks. Come rifle season, the usual complaints of not seeing many bucks during rifle season circle the campfire at night even though I know there are plenty out there on the property. Every year I try to get some turned onto archery during the rut and beg and plead for somebody to come down and hunt with rut with me telling them they can use one of my crossbows. I guess they would rather complain then come hunt, see deer, and maybe shoot one?

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Re: Rut weather 2021/11/07 08:30:19 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby crappiefisher 2021/11/07 10:58:38
I personally find archery to be more enjoyable but to each there own on this. Also using a recurve this year has just made the challenge more thrilling but some don't want a challenge either.
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Re: Rut weather 2021/11/07 08:46:05 (permalink)
I saw the biggest live buck I’ve ever laid eyes on yesterday at 70 yards while it was crossing our creek. A rifle would have been handy — lol.

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Re: Rut weather 2021/11/07 12:43:56 (permalink)
Our area seems to be strange this year. 2 scrapes when we usually find 10+ and only 1 rub. Havnt seen any chasing or any usual signs. Some bucks seem to be hanging around mature does but no little ones pushing them around. Weve seen 9 different bucks and 6 total doe in 12 total hunts.
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Re: Rut weather 2021/11/08 15:46:14 (permalink)
I seen a stud 10pt tending a doe this am on my way to work. He had her on lock. Wouldn't let her cross the road I watched em for about 5 min

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