NFL Draft 21

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Re: NFL Draft 21 2021/05/03 16:43:09 (permalink)
I wonder what the over/under of Ben making it through the whole season is?  Either getting injured or faking an injury since he is getting beat up every game?  
Adding a star RB to a patch work O-line will buy him a little time in teams respecting the play action.  I just hope Harris doesn't get too beat up this year, since he could be a pro-bowl caliber RB and fun to watch for years.  Maybe he is able to get rolling behind this line?  
I think it will be very interesting of how much freedom they give Ben to do the play calling.  Does Canada have the power to actually be an OC and use his run heavy, misdirection approach or does Ben audible every other down like he did the past 7-8 years?  Maybe these linemen would play much better if given more opportunity to run block?  From my understanding, most O linemen enjoy run blocking more and delivering the blows than pass blocking and receiving the blows.  Those repetitive short passes mean they get more and more of the initial strike by a D-lineman, which I imagine can't be very fun for the O line side.  
They lost 3 starters on their O line, who didn't look like starter level players by the end of the season.  Maybe the guys they had backing them up were better?  I could see Pouncey keeping his position from years of leadership and high level play.  He was a shock in how sudden his performance seemed to drop.  The other guys that left weren't nearly the level of Pouncey at his prime, so I couldn't imagine the Steelers having much loyalty to them if someone behind them was better.
If this line is as bad as the end of last season, Ben retires like he should have last year, what do they do???  That is getting close to Browns level of dysfunction!
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