Something not right

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2020/09/17 09:15:39 (permalink)

Something not right

It seems I can't post to the SR thread.
I'm not sure why or what happened.
Has anyone else experienced this ?

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    Re: Something not right 2020/09/17 09:29:25 (permalink)
    I was not seeing any new posts for awhile and had no box to reply, so I had to re-log in and it started to work. That was all threads though and you seem to be able to post on this one, so it probably isn’t the same thing.

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    Re: Something not right 2020/09/17 09:41:49 (permalink)
    I had a problem also. I had to reset my password for some reason. I know couple of the other members ran into the same stuff. Seems to be all good now tho.
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    Re: Something not right 2020/09/17 09:49:00 (permalink)
    Hi All - We apologize for any issues you may be having when trying to post or send a private message. It seems we are experiencing issues with Google Chrome. Our IT team is currently working to resolve any issues. If you are able, please try using our site from a different browser. It should alleviate any issues.
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    Re: Something not right 2020/09/17 09:52:41 (permalink)
    Was having issues using Safari as well as Chrome. Not able to log in because both were saying the site was not secure.

    I reset my password and that took care of it on both
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    Re: Something not right 2020/09/17 10:20:56 (permalink)
    Gee I thought my reply's were being rejected because nobody likes me anymore. 🤗

    I only get that stupid 🤬 pop-up when posting from my smart phone.... stupid phone.

    FishUSA, thank you for the heads-up. 👍

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    Re: Something not right 2020/09/17 10:54:25 (permalink)
    Me too -just hadda reset my password to get back--
    small stuff---
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