Question about conventional reels

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2020/07/08 10:40:38 (permalink)

Question about conventional reels

My girlfriend bought me a Penn Special Senator 4/0 for my birthday. I didn’t realize this reel didn’t have a line guide for the spool like other baitcasters and other conventional reels have. So first question, how do you get the line on it evenly?Second question, are there any brakes on this reel? I can’t seem to find anything except for the drag. There’s something by the clicker that says ball bearing that you can tighten, but that doesn’t seem to do anything. If there are no brakes, that’s fine I can get used to it. Just have never used a reel like this before and am kind of confused with it. I took it out today and my casting was all over the place. 30lb mono all the way through. Started out with a one ounce weight, then after the first cast and it was weird I upped it to 2 ounces and it was a bit better but still couldn’t quite get it down. If anyone has any tips for these types of reels, please let me know. I wasn’t able to find much on google.

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    Re: Question about conventional reels 2020/07/08 18:35:56 (permalink)
    No line guide on salwater reels because they fail from getting plugged/destroyed by salt so they say.

    Also, no lineguides make for smoother and greater casting distance.

    Anglers use a thumb or finger to move the line across the spool as they retrieve.

    For casting....

    First, the "ball bearing" cap should have a spring inside. Second, with weight attached and ball bearing cap finger tightened enough to hold the weight in free spool. next, release the clutch to release the spool. Third slooooowly loosen the bearing cap until your weight slooowly falls to the ground. Fourth, when the weight hits the ground, the line spool should stop turning. Fourth & a half, if the spool does not stop turning your bearing cap is tooooo loose. Fifth, if the spool stops you have the bearing cap set at your "tweaking point". Sixth, your thumb is the break errr brake.

    Bonus tip.... lay your weight on the ground, release the spool and walk away letting out 100 yds of line (+/-) then place a strip of masking tap on the spool and rewind your line. Birdnest proofing at it's finest.

    Bonus bonus tip, changing lure weight will require retweaking.

    Also, casting with the wind at your back is to your advantage. Turning and casting into the wind is why you put the tape on the spool.😖 Retweaking the bearing cap is best when changing casting direction.

    For the beginner, remember to "thumb" the line spool BEFORE the lure splashes down. You must stop the lure in flight, other wise, the weight stops pulling the line but the "now spinning" spool keeps feeding the line off. Thank goodness for the masking tape.😉

    Penn Senator is a nice reel. Girlfriend who buys Penn reels make for a lucky boyfriend.

    Good times and tight lines.🎣

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