Crappie Fishing Smackdown [50+ Fish] - Beginners Guide (Lures, Rig & Setup)

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2020/05/06 16:37:17 (permalink)

Crappie Fishing Smackdown [50+ Fish] - Beginners Guide (Lures, Rig & Setup)

Hey guys!

We had a great day on the water recently and caught a whole bunch of crappie (50+)! We used the opportunity to put together a tutorial vid about the lures we used & the rig/setup. Hoping that if you haven't caught crappie before this should be a good starting point.

I'm sure most of you guys know this but below are just a couple high level "behaviors" of Crappie that people just starting out may not know; but are important of you are going to catch crappie!

Crappie are very depth oriented fish. So you need to find the depth the crappie are holding at to have a good day (by the way crappie are schooling fish so if you find'll definitely find more). So that should be your first goal - figure out exactly what depth they are keyed in at. During the summer, this will generally be deeper down because that's where the cooler water is at.

Secondly, the most effective way to catch crappie is probably vertically jigging. So, if you have access to a boat/canoe/kayak I'd definitely recommend using that to get right on top of them. Then all ya need to do is bounce the jig around at the depth they are holding.

If you are able to do that; I can almost guarantee you that you will have a good day (of course as long as there are crappie in the water you are fishing).
Tightlines and feel free to ask any questions!

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    Re: Crappie Fishing Smackdown [50+ Fish] - Beginners Guide (Lures, Rig & Setup) 2020/05/07 18:34:54 (permalink)
    Fun video to watch. Are you in Pa.? Have you ever used Roadrunners? Has worked well for me,bout the same principal as a beetlespin,both work well for "eyes" in largersizes.     sam
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    Re: Crappie Fishing Smackdown [50+ Fish] - Beginners Guide (Lures, Rig & Setup) 2020/05/07 19:16:16 (permalink)
    I can’t imagine that was filmed in PA this year! If so, they are cold blooded... Looks like a blast fishing from those tubes though. Don’t see PA getting that warm for another month if not more. Snow expected tomorrow!

    Does this cast and retrieve method work more at different times of the year? I personally seem to do better prespawn with not much movement. Plastic under a bobber and a twitch or two. I try to cast and retrieve with and without twitches and doesn’t seem to produce much early season. I do find post spawn the cast and retrieve without bobber gets more hits than prespawn. Mid summer, I just can’t even find them, yet reel them in left and right!
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