Wish me luck part 2

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Re: Wish me luck 2020/07/21 15:47:39 (permalink)
Yea guys I am surprised too, but when our esteemed gubbner goes to Georgia and states he is above quarentine because he is essential all bets are off. I personally will wear a face shield for the next 2 weeks and limit my contact as best I can. We would lose a good majority of our workforce if every person quarantined for 14 days after every exposure. On a good note there have been no cases of a healthcare worker who was masked passing it to another masked patient or worker

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Re: Wish me luck 2020/07/21 21:40:06 (permalink)
Our company laid off 130 workers out of 180 when shoot hit fan in ny. I was a essential worker who they could care less about except keep operation going. Got no glory but did my job.
Now, after all the b.s. and mandates plus stimulus, our company tells people that mark yes on the daily covid form reporting to work every day, to stay home. The state and fed's will cover the costs.
Sad, sad state of affairs..
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