Passing it on

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2020/02/01 12:25:12 (permalink)

Passing it on

Read a post a while back about one of our members helping some folks so their experience on  Sr could become more memorable
How about some more of the same-I'll start
Long ago was a hundred yards below Kiddie and there were two guys and a kid about 12 getting ready to leave.
I hooked up a nice Hen and gave it some slack and decreased the drag on the spin outfit.
Said to the kid "hey can ya hold this rod while I light up a cigarette".
As he took the rod the fish moved and he was shocked and tried to give back the rod.
I said No - you hooked it you play it-  he was thrilled.
He played it a long time and after a while someone with a net came over and eventually landed the fish for the kid.
Kids uncle and father had arrived and said they were just leaving for someplace I don't recall hundreds of miles away. 
Said they had been there for 3 days on their first Sr trip and hadda go but this was the first fish any of them had on.
The kid was as happy and proud as a kid could get.
Lots of photos were taken by the Uncle.
The father pointed over towards a tackle shop and said they were gonna leave off the fish, have it mounted and shipped to them.
Memories made all around.
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    Re: Passing it on 2020/02/01 16:56:40 (permalink)
    Mid November, had snow and  rain to follow it. River went to 2,000.  I was about to walk into a spot  in the empty upper and met a very dejected fellow coming out.  I told him if he wanted, I could show him a possible spot, as he had traveled 7 hours from the tip pf Long Island and bought a TFO Deer Creek just for his first steelhead trip ever.  I took him in, gave him  one of my favorite buggers, set his indicator, and set him up on a drift.  15  or so drifts and he's yelling like a weasel dropped in his waders. I give him a few tips, and net about an 8 lb. hen for him. He had tripped and got some water down his waders , but pulled it together for a pic.  He was the Pres. of the Long Island TU chapter and he gave me an open invitation to come to Montauk, or to fish the Connetquot or the Nissaquogue.  Never went, but I wish him well.  There's others, but I'll stop with that one.  You're a good guy, RG
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    Re: Passing it on 2020/02/01 17:41:46 (permalink)
    Similar story Fichy-
    Was in the LFZ years back and a fella with patched waders and an old bamboo rod hooked a King- showed him how to get it to the beach as he was on but having lotsa trouble managing the too light Bamboo.
    He was happy as heck with the fish and asked me to use his camera to take photos- troubles communicating as I only speak English and  he Polish.
    Handed me a 35 camera and the back immediately came open. Quickly covered it with my shirt so as not to expose the film.
    Took some photos of him with his fish which was quickly released.
    In broken English he said 'first one the best".
    Always wondered if the photos were OK and later learned he was the sports reporter for a Polish newspaper and the photos were featured in a news article about the SR over there.
    People come from all over to our famous river.
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    hot tuna
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    Re: Passing it on 2021/05/30 18:17:28 (permalink)
    My gosh dinner was so fantastic. Fresh made luguni, clams and scallops.

    So passing this along. If your stuck inside and bored, I watched a movie the other night. I'm typically not a movie guy but this one held my interest.
    It's very powerful.
    On Netflix from 2018 :
    Leave no trace.
    Check it out.

    "whats that smell like fish oh baby" .. J. Kaukonen
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