Let's See Your Setups!

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2019/08/19 17:56:31 (permalink)

Let's See Your Setups!

Everyone has their own personal setup that is unique in their own way. No matter the brand, color, sit-in, sit-on, paddler, peddler, let's see it!

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    Re: Let's See Your Setups! 2019/08/19 23:22:21 (permalink)
    Lucky... never you mind, they're asking for pictures of "yaks"!!

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    Re: Let's See Your Setups! 2019/08/20 13:20:11 (permalink)

    Kaku Voodoo. Awesome yak. One of the more stable yaks out there but it's actually pretty quick and tracks exceptionally well. 
    I keep it simple. Crate in front so it's easier to reach and with the way I built it it has a little enclosed table top that works great to hold things I'm working with. The bungee across the top of the crate works as a rod holder. Trying not to add anything else. Not even rod holders lol. I mainly fish shallow rivers so motors and electronics are kind of lost on me. 
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    Re: Let's See Your Setups! 2019/08/22 10:55:19 (permalink)
    An excellent kayak, I once thought to buy one, but I choose a boat, which would be easier to fish with my family :)
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    Re: Let's See Your Setups! 2019/08/23 10:17:02 (permalink)
    Jackson BigRig - Love this thing. Super stable, tons of storage, can fish all day without cramping up.

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    Re: Let's See Your Setups! 2019/08/26 08:16:39 (permalink)
    Nucanoe Frontier 12. Was bowfishing out of it this day. 

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    Re: Let's See Your Setups! 2019/08/28 21:18:47 (permalink)
    Had 2 kayak requirements: Under 11 feet, so it would fit in my van, and under 50 pounds, so I could carry it anywhere I needed to. This Patriot Angler is 10.5 feet long and 48 pounds. Very low-hassle fishing experience.  

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