Rock Snot concern

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2019/08/13 08:13:32 (permalink)

Rock Snot concern

I had a long hot day on the yough, not catching fishing; but constantly removing Rock Snot weed from lures and bait hooks. After cleaning my boots and setting them aside to dry I'm worrying about the possibility of transferring Rock Snot to my favorite fishing stream. Does anyone have suggestions for making sure I've done enough to prevent the spread of this noxious weed?

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    Re: Rock Snot concern 2019/08/13 08:51:25 (permalink)
    Yep.. convince everyone else, who fishes your favorite streams, to do the same as you.

    Unfortunately, there are ways noxious weed can be spread that can't be controlled, it's only a matter of time.

    RockSnot also known as Didymo, a native, is an Algae found usually in cold water streams being low in nutrients, like phosphorus.

    Good times and tight lines.
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    Re: Rock Snot concern 2019/08/13 10:29:52 (permalink)
    You can add a little bleach to water and clean. Should kill all of it.
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