End of the Ice Season?

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2019/02/10 12:18:58 (permalink)

End of the Ice Season?

I don't care for the prognostications of groundhogs. 
I was at Maurer's this past weekend (after a morning of rabbit hunting due to the sketchy ice situation) and heard gossip of people fishing Wilhelm this past week (true or not, I could not tell).  Seeing the 10 day forecast with highs mostly above freezing and lows in the 20s, I feel must ask if in anyone's experience is that enough to build/strengthen ice?  Or is it time to clean and pack up my ice gear for the year...
I would love to hear anyone's thoughts, feelings, speculations, etc...

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    Re: End of the Ice Season? 2019/02/10 12:25:22 (permalink)
    Last week I sold the last of my ice gear,one reason was the shortening of the safe ice season in my part of the state.In the so. west part of Pa. we almost always have some open water by the end of Feb.  sam
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    Re: End of the Ice Season? 2019/02/10 23:41:57 (permalink)
    Ponds are already free of ice my way. Really anymore only get mid-January to the first week of February of good safe ice anymore in SWPA with the exception of Highpoint, but that can be a chitty drive at times.

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    Re: End of the Ice Season? 2019/02/11 11:01:32 (permalink)
    Coast Guard and Fire Dep. were out on Horseshoe Pond (PI Bay) this weekend doing ice rescue drills. Ice looked decent. You'll probably be able to get on there (and maybe Misery) again this season. Bull Dam (Eaton Res.) should be doable, too. It's shallow, and locks up quick with nights in the 20s. Have fished it as late as St. Pat's Day a few years!
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    Re: End of the Ice Season? 2019/02/11 11:13:00 (permalink)
    My thoughts- If the water is a small impoundment, I wouldn't chance it unless as Mountain Man stated, it was High Point. Big waters like Erie or Pyme are other options. Wilhelm, maybe.  In any event, one has to consider local weather patterns and the size of the waterway. Local knowledge, bait shops & anglers, is indispensable. The other option of course, if you don't mind packing all of your gear, taking a drive and drilling a few exploratory holes.
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    Re: End of the Ice Season? 2019/02/11 13:30:59 (permalink)
    North End of Conneaut lake was 4 inches or so yesterday with some decent access near the boat launch. 
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    Re: End of the Ice Season? 2019/02/11 17:30:43 (permalink)
    Nobody on Wilhelm this Sat. drove across on I-79 north around 1pm. nobody around and the ice looked real dark and bad...... actually looked like open water in the wider cuts .
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    Re: End of the Ice Season? 2019/02/11 19:14:40 (permalink)
    I think sadly the fat lady is starting to sing !
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    Re: End of the Ice Season? 2019/02/11 23:25:28 (permalink)
    I'll just bet yinz is saying the ice soured,  just to make me feel better cause I left the area for a few months this season.   Yinz is probably icing piles of bull gills and slab crappie as well as eyes and jumbo perch too..... huh?  It's OK yinz can post pictures, I can take it.
    I gotta git.   Just put on my new thong and the surf's up!!!   (shhhh, it's a pet name)

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