Watching the wheel turn

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2019/01/03 13:15:34 (permalink)

Watching the wheel turn

Cant get into  big game so this is it---lol
Been lurking here and occasionally  pitching in for a long time. Have read with great interest the opinions on buck restrictions in Pa. Am always interested as Sugar Grove up in Warren County will always be  'out home' to me and its pretty much where I started with Deer.
Now here in Ct where I reside I see some are on Forums wanting Buck restrictions similar to those in PA.
IMHO thats NOT the answer to hunting and not getting a wall hanger.
Back when I was a kid it was one and done 'out home' with a 2 day doe season after Buck season.
Now guys seem to fill the freezer with more tag allocations--IF they have the right properties to hunt.
Same thing here in Ct.
 This year I had more than 10 available tags to fill and CHOSE to pass all season waiting out a travelling shooter that didn't come home yet lol.
That said the places I hunt are small and lots of deer are taken in surrounding properties. 
THAT IMHO is the issue- too many tags- restricted acreage to an individual with modern posting-reduced farming and 'edge' areas.
Basically kinda think the antler arguments anywhere are really hunters arguing amongst themselves in a competitive field.
If ya shoot too many doe its no big mystery why the Buck numbers are down too.
It comes down to two different kind of hunters- some wanting biguns and some wanting a full freezer.
The more who hunt for the freezer the fewer buttons make it to next year.
IMHO- no matter where ya go a limit of one or two a year WITH ONLY ONE BEING A FLATHEAD seems reasonable, blaming insurance companies and legislative influeces may be an issue but the core responsibility is on we hunters.
CRIKES in some States  now ya cant shoot anything without several UP and a spread of at least 14 inches- Try THAT while hunting.
Alt may have actually been right --IF all things stayed the same- NOT with such increases in overall tag allocations and modern day land restrictions.
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    Re: Watching the wheel turn 2019/01/03 16:10:17 (permalink)
    Yea the Pa. game commission wants it both ways ...don't shoot small rack bucks but shoot all the doe (antlerless ) deer you want . I blame them 100% they pass out the tons of bonus tags for the cash. The meat hunters take all they can get so I can't blame them. PGC calls it controlled hunting .............LOL
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    Re: Watching the wheel turn 2019/01/26 19:49:02 (permalink)
    Some good thoughts there r3g3. Ultimately, it is up to hunters to manage the land they hunt. The game agencies provide the tools. For those fortunate to have a lot of acreage, managing the land how you want to is possible. For most hunters, you are at the mercy of everyone else around you. 
    Shoot a lot of does, deer numbers will go down, including bucks. ARs do not increase the numbers of bucks after the first year. ARs only allow more of the bucks to get older, but there will still be less of them if a lot of does are taken. 

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    Re: Watching the wheel turn 2019/01/26 22:45:30 (permalink)
    AR's have done me in. I gave up, the PGC WINS.👍

    While I can not leave forever, the little piece of Penn's Woods I once owned has been sold and we've hit the road.

    Returning to the Pennsylvania Wilds, where for 64 years I've called home, will no longer be for hunting the elusive Pennsylvania White Tailed Deer. (even if they are so dammed cute) Gone are the days, swinging my feet, sitting in the trees of Penn's Woods.

    Never will be gone, the memories made, before the PGC got their way.

    But to friends and foe alike, have no fear for as long as there is internet, I'll be here. 😒😂🍻

    Be safe and happy hunting.

    PS. Did I mention sunny and 60 degrees this weekend?
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